Just a Dream
by Meimi


YAOI Warning: This is a yaoi fic and contains within it sex and other dirty deeds between two consenting male characters. If this disturbs you in anyway PLEASE do not continue reading.

Timeline: Silver Millenium, somewhat Alternate Universe-ish as it contains concepts from both the manga and the anime. Somewhat OOC, otherwise how are you going to get sex between these two?

Dedication and Thanks: This is for Narumi, who wanted yaoi between these two and who came up with the 'kissing lessons' plot device. If it wasn't for her, this fic would still be running around my head trying to find a way out. This is also for Jaana, who ALWAYS wants yaoi no matter what it's based off of.


It was a beautiful day for riding. The sun shown down upon the land from high in the sky. Its warm, golden rays not too bright nor too dark. Every now and then a stray puffy, white cloud would block its brilliance for a moment's time but no longer. A gentle breeze wafted about the green, green forest bringing smells of grass and the flowers of spring. A wonderful day for the young prince of an Earth kingdom to get out of his family's stuffy castle with its overbearing officials and just let go. A perfect day for riding.

The song of the birds and the clomp clomp of his horse's hooves on the forest floor were music to Endymion's ears. It had been far too long since he had the chance to breathe fresh air and feel the cool breeze dance through his ebon hair. Damn the court officials and their betrothal plans for him and the pristine moon princess, whom he had yet to meet much less want to marry.

He shook his head, brushing away those angry thoughts as his horse broke through the trees into a small forest clearing. Today was not the kind of day for those kind of thoughts. No, today was the perfect day for no thoughts at all. So inclined, Endymion dug his heels into his mounts sides urging the horse into a gallop as they entered the trees once more.

He leaned down low across his mount's neck, closing his eyes in bliss. This was what he craved, a release from his duties and responsibilities to enjoy the simple pleasures of riding a powerful steed and having the wind in his hair.

A shudder of surprise went through the body beneath him, causing the prince to blink and look up. Ahead of him on the path, a white charger stood in wait his pale rider a familiar though rarely seen face. Endymion slowed his mount, coming to a stop beside the platinum haired priest who seemed to be waiting for him.

He nodded at his old friend, a curious smile curving his lips, "Elios. What are you doing out here?"

Elios nodded his acknowledgment, his golden eyes glittering gaily even in the shadows of the trees. "My prince. I just thought today was the perfect day to get out and figured you would have the same idea. I hope you don't mind a little company."

Endymion shook his head and chuckled, "No, of course not. But..." He looked behind himself in mock fear. "I think this is still too close to the castle. They're bound to come out sooner or later and drag me back." He looked back at his amused friend, "So... how 'bout we... race to the lake!" Upon saying, Endymion dug his heels into his mount's sides causing the horse to leap forward into a gallop.

The young prince laughed heartily, his thoughts only on his mount and the race. Hearing the drumbeat of his companion's mount over the rhythm of his own, he urged his horse on faster and faster still. Breaking through the edge of the forest, the brilliant sunlight blinded him for but a moment. A single moment in which his friend's triumphant yell split the sky as the priest's white mount pounded past his own and down the soft incline towards the lake edge in the distance.

Endymion scowled when at last he and his mount came to a stop beside his far too cheerful friend. "How do you do that?"

Elios winked and smiled cheerfully as he slid down off of his mount. "Now that would be telling, my prince." His smile softened as he gazed out over the calm surface of the lake. "It's nice here."

Sliding off of his own mount to stand beside his friend, Endymion smiled in agreement, "Yeah, it is at that." A faint reflection of the moon upon the lake's surface ruined any further thoughts of fun.

Elios frowned in confusion as he caught his friend's black mood. "What's bothering you, my prince?"

Endymion blanched and began berating himself for ruining Elios's good cheer. "Oh well, it's nothing really important. It's just this betrothal to the moon princess the officials have been pushing me into."

Elios tilted his head to the side in curiosity, "You don't like her?"

"I don't know," Endymion shrugged. "I don't know her, don't even know what she looks like. Besides, what do I want with a wife anyway?"

Elios closed his eyes and smiled weakly, "Well they do provide... certain comforts."


A bit confused, Elios continued, "You know..."

Endymion shook his head, totally confused, "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"My prince," a look of disbelief suffused Elios's features, "You're not *that* young."

"What?" Endymion blinked several times then blushed in understanding, "Oh, *those* sort of things. Haven't had the time."

Elios stared at his prince in utter shock, "Haven't had the time? Not even once?"

Endymion scowled, his blush deepening to a dark crimson, "No, I don't have the time. Surely they keep you busy as well?"

"Well, as the head priest there's always something new coming up. But you remember those two priestesses?" He waited for Endymion's nod, "Well, they're a bit... demanding." He grinned at Endymion's 'oh' comment. "We do have an understanding though." A few moments passed in silence, then Elios gave Endymion a sly look. "Surely you've at least kissed someone..."

If it was actually possible, Endymion's blush deepened even further. "No."

"Oh good grief," Elios sighed and looked towards the heavens. "You do at least know what to do, my prince? You don't want to embarrass the princess if they do manage to marry you off."

Endymion huffed, "It's not like I have anyone to practice with at home. Can you just imagine me going up to one of the servants and asking them for... well, you know?"

Elios scowled for a moment, then perked up as he came up with an idea. As casual as he could manage, the priest offered, "Well, I could at least show you how to kiss."

"Huh?" Endymion stared at his friend's pointed look for a moment in confusion. Finally, he blushed yet again, as he finally caught on, "Um.... I don't... really... you're a guy!"

Elios rolled his eyes at Endymion's stuttered excuse. "There's not much difference and at least you'll know how to give a good kiss."


"Really, my prince, it's just a kiss."

Endymion stalled in answering, tugging instead upon his mount's forgotten reins. Really, kissing Elios of all people. Still, at least he'd know what to do... and as far as beauty went, Elios was probably far lovelier than that stupid moon princess. He could do much worse for his first kiss. That being his last thought on the subject he was decided. Endymion nodded to himself and turned back towards Elios, "Alright."

Elios smiled impishly up at his prince, "Okay, my prince. Let's go over and sit on the grass by the lake. I'd rather not get a crick in my neck doing this."

"Eh.." Endymion's blush had by now traveled up to his ears and down to his neck. He refused to think about what they were doing as Elios took his horse from him and led him over to the lake side. They were friends after all. Friends help their friends when they are in need. That's exactly what Elios was doing for him now.

Elios sighed as he led the horses a distance away so as not to disturb the lessons. "Close your eyes, my prince." He told Endymion as he returned.


"It'll be easier that way," Elios smiled down weakly at his prince. Endymion shrugged and complied to Elios's wishes, trying not to think about what he was doing.

"You're blushing, my prince."

"I am not."

"Yes you are."

"I am NOT blushing," Endymion scowled darkly, "Can we just get on with it?"

"Hai, my prince," Elios chuckled as he gently placed his hands on either side of Endymion's head, just below each of his prince's ears. He marveled at the softness of his friend's ebon locks as he drew near. He stopped an inch away from Endymion's lips and breathed out, waiting.

Endymion tensed up, not knowing exactly what to expect. He started ever so slightly at Elios's delicate touch. What was taking so long? A second passed and then another, and then a warm breath passed over his lips. He sighed, the tension of before seeming to melt as he smelled the light fragrance that always drifted about his friend.

Feeling the tension leaving his prince, Elios leaned forward, his lip pressing against Endymion's in a delicate, teasing caress. Slowly, he increased the pressure, wanting more but demanding the other to give him what he desired. He drew back slightly, only to tease the corner of Endymion's lips with the tip of his tongue.

Endymion moaned, this was far more than he expected. A rather pleasant heat was growing within him, urging him towards these new sensations. Careful, so as not to disturb Elios or cause him to stop, Endymion reached up and placed his hands on the priest's back. A soft tug caused Elios to draw closer, and a soft caress through the priest's robes brought forth a quiet moan from his friend.

Reacting to the desire Endymion's touch created, Elios pressed harder, his tongue slipping within when Endymion's lips parted slightly. The hot, wet sensation of his tongue sliding against his prince's was swiftly driving any thoughts of stopping far from his mind.

The heat within Endymion began to grow to a blaze. It was too hot and his armor was too tight and Elios's body felt exquisite as he drew the priest's lithe body up against his own. Wanting, needing more, Endymion leaned forward into the kiss...

... causing Elios to lose his balance and fall backwards, dragging Endymion along with him. The kiss was broken during the fall, Endymion landing atop the flustered priest. A few seconds passed, the silence broken only by their heavy breathing.

"Are you..." Endymion looked down at his platinum haired friend.

"I don't think..." Elios looked up into his friend's deep blue eyes.

They both stopped, each entranced by the passion evident in the other's gaze. Slowly, as if he were afraid that this wonderful thing might vanish before his very eyes, Endymion slid his fingers into Elios's angel fine hair, lightly caressing the edge of Elios's ear with the tip end of his thumb.

Elios's closed his eyes at the touch, swallowing as he felt Endymion lean down towards him. Hesitant lips brushed against his own, as if they were asking him whether he wanted them to stop or not. He parted his lips in invitation to Endymion's questioning touch. Reaching up, he slid his hands over Endymion's armor searching for and releasing each clasp.

Endymion groaned as Elios's touch enflamed his skin. His tongue delved between Elios's warms lips to slide against the priest's wet tongue in evergrowing need. He tightly grasped Elios's silky hair in one hand while he rubbed up Elios's side firmly with the other.

They broke apart, both short of breath as Elios undid the last clasp of Endymion's waist armor. He let it fall off his prince, pushing the heavy metal over to the side at the first available opportunity.

"Elios..." Endymion moaned. He leaned down over Elios's shoulder his teeth lightly scoring the pale skin of the priest's neck as Elios reached up, his searching hands finding the hot bulge between his prince's legs.

"Too many clothes," Elios growled as he pressed his fingers up against Endymion's covered heat before sliding them up across Endymion's clothed stomach.

Endymion's breath came faster now as Elios yanked and pulled at the clasps of his breastplate. Several fevered moments later, it and his cloak were discarded off to the side. Endymion grabbed and held Elios's trembling hands for a moment before he pulled himself up onto his knees. Endymion smiled as he reached down and began to pull his black undershirt over his head. He felt Elios shift beneath him as he began pulling it over his head, gasping when he felt Elios's hot mouth encircling one of his erect nipples. Tossing his shirt off to the side, Endymion reached down and clawed at the material of Elios's robes wanting to feel his own, hot skin against the priest's pale skin.

Elios leaned back, raising his arms up as Endymion tugged his robes off. Waiting a moment to try and catch his breath, Elios reached down swiftly undoing the clasp of Endymion's pants and sliding his hands inside to grasp Endymion's inflamed heat.

Endymion sucked his breath in at the intimate touch as he wriggled his thighs free of his pants. Elios's slowly stroked his manhood before reaching down and pulling Endymion's leg greaves off allowing Endymion to finally rid himself of his pants.

Elios's hands returned to stroking Endymion's manhood as the priest hunched forward, his tongue swiping across the tip end of Endymion's penis. Endymion leaned back in sheer pleaser, closing his eyes, as Elios licked up and down his engorged length. The sensations he was receiving were alien to him, yet so exquisite they were almost painful. His breath hissed through his teeth as Elios sucked on the head of penis, taking it within his hot mouth.

Elios sucked and licked on Endymion's manhood as he slid it in and out of his mouth. He felt the build up within and stopped short of causing its eruption. He needed, wanted something else. Satisfied for the moment, Elios pulled back from Endymion's saliva slick manhood. "My prince... I need to... show you... something..." He gasped as he reached around and kneaded Endymion's buttocks.

"What...?" Endymion tensed as he felt one of Elios's fingers slide across his nether regions and push sharply inside of him.

"This..." Elios sighed as he began to stroke Endymion's virgin insides. "I want you to... for me..." A rosy blush painted Elios's cheeks as he withdrew his finger and pointed towards Endymion's penis.

Endymion blinked, "Oh... are you... sure?" At Elios's jerky nod, he leaned forward and pushed Elios backwards onto the grass. He reached down swiftly unhooking and pulling off Elios's pant, revealing the priest's own hot need. Elios moaned as Endymion stroked his penis with one hand while pulling Elios's legs up with the other.

Endymion stopped his ministrations as he positioned himself before Elios's tight entrance. Looking up into his friend's golden eyes he asked once more, "Are you... sure this is okay?"

Elios smiled in encouragement, nodded shakily and closed his eyes in anticipation. He hissed and clawed at the grass a moment later as Endymion pushed forward into his too tight channel.

Endymion grunted, the effort to push past Elios's tight ring more than he had expected. Clenching his muscles, he pushed harder until finally he was fully sheathed within his friend. He leaned over Elios gasping for breath, his stomach brushing against Elios's own erect heat.

Elios licked his dry lips, "Do it again. Pull out, but not all the way... that's... too much trouble. Do it harder... this time."

Endymion did as he was told, the feel of Elios's tight flesh encircling his own almost too much for him. But still, it felt so good. He slammed back into the priest causing Elios to cry out. Pain or pleasure he wasn't sure, nor did he care anymore. The sensations overwhelmed him as he drew back and slammed into Elios again and again. His stomach brushed against Elios's erection each time he sheathed himself fully. And even that felt so good.

Endymion blinked as Elios's arms wrapped around him, the priest's teeth deeply scoring the sweat slick skin of his shoulder as he drove into his friend again and again. A part of him watched in amazement when Elios's penis spurted out its sticky fluid, but it was lost in his own growing need.

He thrust violently into Elios once, twice and again. The fire within him blazed to a crescendo, his passion exploding within him and then flowing out into the darkness of Elios's flesh. He collapsed atop the priest, complete and utterly exhausted.

Endymion smiled at Elios's contented smile before closing his eyes, meaning to rest for only a moment.


And he awoke instead in his own bed in his own room back at the castle. He sat up, tossing the heavy blankets off of him. He was dressed in his usual sleeping attire, nothing unusual about that... Sliding off of the bed, Endymion slowly shuffled over toward his standing mirror.

"Was it just a dream?" He asked his reflection in confusion. To dream about something like that... with Elios of all people. His mother would kill him if she found out.

Sighing wistfully, he was ready to brush it all off to an overactive imagination when something about his reflection caught his eye. Angry red marks scored his shoulder, it looked almost like something or someone had bitten him.

Just a dream...?