A Not So Brief Respite
A 'Takaiser' Digimon 02 Yaoi PWP
by Meimi


Standard disclaimers apply.

YAOI WARNING: This is a yaoi fic and contains within it sex and other dirty deeds between two male characters. If this disturbs you in any way PLEASE do not continue reading. And yes, I am sick and twisted, thanks for asking.

PWP WARNING: This is an absolute 'Plot? What Plot?'. That means that this fic was solely written for the sex and sex alone. There might be hints of plot here and there... but not much. ^_~

THE SETUP: Takeru tries to convince a rather stubborn Kaiser to get out while the getting's good while the rest of the destined were having fun destroying spires in the particular area Ken was located in. Finally getting frustrated, Takeru jumps our dear Kaiser, trussing him up with his own whip and a few other things and hauls him off to a secluded cave to hide out in for the duration. As for how they got to be on speaking terms, don't ask we're still writing that... eheh.


Takeru sighed, walking back into the cave, his eyes instantly falling upon the struggling figure near the back. He winced internally as a pair of miniature raging amethyst fires lit up upon his entrance into their field of view. The Kaiser was completely pissed off and he knew he was going to end up paying for this for a long time to come. Shaking his head to keep himself from going down the path of just how he would end up paying for it, Takeru made his way to the back of the cave and knelt down in front of Ken. "I am sorry about this, but it's for your own good. I doubt either of us want to think about what might have happened if the others caught up to you when you were that vulnerable." Takeru frowned as Ken continued to glare at him. Realizing the futility of trying to get the Kaiser to understand anything before he was good and ready to, Takeru reached up, slowly untied the gag and hoped he wasn't about to get blasted for his efforts.

"Let. Me. Go." Ken ground out after Takeru pulled the gag out. Growling low in his throat, Ken pulled against his bonds in futility as Takeru shook his head sadly. "How dare you do this to me!"

Takeru reached up and lightly ran his fingertips along Ken's jaw as the Kaiser continued to snarl at him. A few moments later, he had enough of it and leaned forward, silencing Ken instantly in mid-rant with a hesitant kiss.

In shock, Ken stared at Takeru even as the blonde's lips pressed softly against his own. He scarcely breathed as Takeru drew back a moment later, wearing an expression Ken couldn't quite read. Licking his lips, Ken tried again to regain some sort of control, "Let me go."

Takeru shook his head again, somewhat hurt when Ken turned away, refusing to look at him. "I can't do that," he whispered as he reached up to gently stroke Ken's cheek. Trailing his fingers up into spiky indigo hair, he dared to speak his thoughts for this one single instant, "You're beautiful."

Ken jerked around, staring unbelieving into twinkling blue eyes that confirmed the truth of those words. "I...I..." he barely managed to get out as Takeru leaned forward again to silence him with a kiss, this one far more demanding than the last. Admitting defeat, if only to himself, he closed his eyes and parted his lips in an invitation neither of them wished to ignore.

Their tongues slid together, tasting of each other, both wanting and giving at the same time until they both lost themselves in the feel of each other. Ken shivered as Takeru's hands slowly slid down his body, softly caressing at first but soon becoming insistent, almost as if they were searching for something.

Ken blinked curiously as Takeru drew back, a befuddled expression on his face as he began to search with his eyes as well as his hands. He felt up everywhere, leaving Ken feeling somewhat frustrated and yet not finding what he was searching for. Disengaging himself completely from Ken, Takeru scratched his chin and muttered, "Where is it? There has got to be a zipper or something in there."

Ken smirked knowingly, recognizing a golden opportunity, in more ways than one, "Let me go and I'll show you."

"Nope, not gonna happen. You're not leaving here tonight," Takeru stated plainly as he continued to stare at the Kaiser's amazingly zipper-less and button-less uniform, completely ignoring the put out expression Ken was shooting at him. At a loss, he started looking around at the cave hoping that something might give him an idea. Seeing something black near the far wall, he smiled cheekily, climbed to his feet and walked over to it.

Groaning in frustration, Ken banged his head back against the rock wall a few times before closing his eyes and trying to get out of his bonds one more time. Failing yet again, he sighed and tried to meditatively get rid of the excess 'energy' now running through his body thanks to Takeru's ministrations... which would have been welcome in any other situation where he could actually DO something about it, but definitely not in this one.

A few moments passed like this, with Ken continually trying to calm himself down and getting rather annoyed that it was proving to be quite difficult to accomplish. He twitched at the sound of rock hitting against rock, opening his eyes in confusion as the sound was soon accompanied by the sound of Takeru... 'swearing?'... under his breath. Looking over towards Takeru and only managing to see the blonde seated on the ground with his back to Ken, he frowned and asked, "What are you doing?"

"Nothing," Takeru called back, and instantly followed up with, "Ouch!"

"Liar," Ken fired back, disgruntled at not getting an immediate answer. "You're hurting yourself. Stop it."

"In a minute," Takeru returned as if he was only half paying attention. "I'm almost finished. Ouch."

Ken ground his teeth together, this was getting to be a bit much for his temper. "Don't you ever listen to *anything* I tell you to do?"

"Only if I want to," Takeru murmured quietly and smiled. Finishing with whatever it was he had been doing, he stood up and walked back over to Ken. Transforming his smile into the grin of a cheshire cat, he held up a small yet nasty looking piece of black rock for Ken's scrutiny. "This should work."

Ken cocked an eyebrow in skepticism. What could Takeru possibly want to do with that rather sharp looking rock? He hoped fervently that the blonde wasn't going to do anything to him as it *did* look rather sharp and the blood dripping down from Takeru's fingertips wasn't helping his opinion of this. "It's a rock," he said finally, knowing that wouldn't be enough, but not knowing what to say in this instance.

"It's obsidian and it will get the job done," Takeru quipped and pointed down at Ken and the Kaiser uniform in particular. "Since you're not being cooperative, I'm just going to have to cut it off."

"What?!?" Ken stared aghast as Takeru knelt down in front of him. He couldn't possibly... he wouldn't dare... he would and he *was*. "You are not cutting off my clothes!" Ken yelled defiantly as Takeru unbuttoned and pushed his cloak off, then pulled him forward.

"Well how else am I going to get them off?" Takeru asked conversationally as he tucked Ken's head under his own. He grimaced as Ken started to struggle against him, banging his jaw sharply. "Don't move, this *is* pretty sharp. See?" He wiggled his bloody fingers where Ken could see them. "And that's just from the splinters that broke off from sharpening it."

Ken froze. "Let me get this straight. You're going to cut my clothes off with a rather sharp rock *and* bleed all over me in the process?" Ken asked sounding rather scandalized by the whole idea.

"Well, I couldn't exactly wipe them off on my clothes. Bloodstains aren't really a good fashion statement," Takeru explained rather apologetically. "And I just don't want to wait for them to scab over. Would you?"

Ken was silent for a few moments, almost as if he was seriously thinking the question over in his mind. Tilting his head slightly against Takeru's, he answered truthfully, "I would have licked them off. It's just blood after all."

"Ew," Takeru scrunched his nose up at the image that brought to mind. "Thinking about it... that's just 'ew'. No, you'll just have to live with blood on your clothes." He reached forward again, getting ready to start cutting.

"No! N-O! NO! I am not that kind of pervert! You are not touching me until you clean your fingers off!" Ken growled as he started to struggle against Takeru again.

"Not that kind of pervert?" Takeru asked mockingly in return. Smirking as Ken froze against him again, Takeru drew his fingers back to where Ken could see them. "Okay fine, if you don't want blood on your clothes *you* can lick it off."

Ken growled in response. How dare Takeru tell him what to do. "Okay okay!" he agreed frantically as Takeru started to reach behind him again. Sighing at this entire predicament, he gently licked the red smear off the first finger Takeru offered. He wasn't really bothered by the metallic taste of it, it was just blood after all. When he was finished with that, he moved onto the rest, sucking on each finger in turn until he was certain they were clean.

Takeru closed his eyes, gritting his teeth slightly at the sensations lower on his body that Ken was encouraging oh so innocently... or maybe not. "Are you sure you're not that kind of pervert?"

Ken spat out the last finger and glared up at Takeru's chin, "Shut up!"

Takeru chuckled silently to himself as he reached around Ken again and began to slice the material from the collar and on down. Ken really was too cute when he was annoyed, which happened to be a pretty regular occurrence as well as a rather easy reaction to produce in the dear Kaiser.

Ken shivered at the cool air that wafted against his skin as Takeru cut lower and lower down his back. He scowled when Takeru stopped at his belt, returning to his collar and cutting down each of his sleeves. He blinked as Takeru pushed him back against the rock wall and pulled his now ruined uniform down off his chest.

"That should do it," Takeru murmured as he tossed the obsidian off to the side and leaned in to nibble lightly at Ken's neck. He smirked, feeling Ken tense up as he lazily trailed his fingers across the Kaiser's nipples, pressing up against them a bit harder with his thumbs.

"So... think you could resist the urge to kick me if I untied your legs?" Takeru asked as he leaned down further to lap at Ken's left nipple before gently teasing it with his teeth. He snickered quietly as a muffled groan seemed to be the only forthcoming answer. Slowly, he slid his right hand down across Ken's stomach and inbetween the Kaiser's legs to cup the rising heat below. He rubbed against it for a few moments before trailing his hand back up and behind. Wrapping his left arm around Ken, he lifted the Kaiser up as he drew the rest of the uniform down past Ken's hips and further down his legs. Takeru smiled cheerfully as he pulled the uniform all the way down to where he had tied Ken's ankles up. Hoping that he actually wasn't about to get kicked for it, Takeru quickly unraveled the knot and pulled the uniform the rest of the way off.

Grinning, despite himself, from the fact that Ken hadn't taken the opportunity to kick him, Takeru leaned back on his haunches and surveyed the rather appealing sight before him. The Kaiser was sprawled out against the back wall, his legs splayed around Takeru and his arms still bound by his own whip behind his back. He was breathing a bit heavier than usual, with a slight flush in his cheeks as he gazed at Takeru with cloudy, uncertain eyes.

Takeru winked at Ken teasingly before focusing his gaze a bit lower, on something that interested him somewhat more than anything else at the moment. Spreading Ken's legs wider, Takeru reached down and gently ran his fingers up and down the length of Ken's erection. He grinned even more when Ken hissed in a breath at his touch. Licking his lips, Takeru leaned down and twirled his tongue around the head of Ken's shaft. Liking the sound of the moan that elicited from Ken, Takeru slowly slid his mouth down around Ken's aching heat.

Ken closed his eyes, gritting his teeth to keep from crying out. It was difficult though, the feel of Takeru's tongue as it played against his oversensitized skin felt like pure heaven... or hell, whichever the case may be. He was unable to stop a small whimper as Takeru started to suck on him gently, urging him closer and closer to release.

Takeru sped up the pace a bit, feeling the tension building to its peak. While he was certainly enjoying this and knew Ken was more than enjoying it as well, he had other *things* he wanted to do. Things he knew they would both enjoy, no matter how much Ken might deny it later on. Takeru blinked as he heard a rather audible whimper above him and then felt Ken shooting off into his mouth. Leaning back, he licked his lips thoughtfully at the salty taste.

Ken sighed, slumping down further against the rock wall. He eyed Takeru suspiciously as the blonde started shrugging out of his clothes. He couldn't possibly... he would. Before tonight, Ken would very much have doubted that Takeru had it in him to... initiate things. But now, he knew better. Grimacing, Ken tugged at his hands again in a futile hope that he might get loose before Takeru was ready to take things further, no such luck though.

Scooting out of his underwear, Takeru glanced over at Ken, noting the rather disgruntled expression on the Kaiser's face. Smirking, he leaned up against Ken, lifting the Kaiser's chin up with his fingers and licking along Ken's jawline. "You know I wouldn't hurt you, don't you?" he asked quietly as he nuzzled up against Ken's neck.

Ken froze, ice threading its way through his veins. He did not like the position he was in right now, not one little bit. After a moment spent grinding his teeth together, he bit out, "Have you lost your mind?"

Resisting the urge to laugh his head off at that particular question, Takeru quipped, "Yes, it's somewhere in the gutter right now..." Spreading Ken's legs wider and inching up closer to the Kaiser, he continued, "Ask me about it later... much later..." Realizing that he'd never be able to convince Ken to relax some, Takeru licked his hands and slicked his erection up as much as he could with his own spit. Locking his eyes with Ken's for a single moment, Takeru raised the Kaiser up and carefully positioned himself before thrusting upwards into Ken in one swift, fluid motion.

Ken cried out unconsciously at the pain of Takeru's initial intrusion. Dropping his head down against the blonde's shoulder, he bit his bottom lip, a single tear running down unheeded from his eyes. He yanked viciously at the whip roped around his wrists, hating himself for letting himself get into this type of situation. He stopped, everything else forgotten, as Takeru started to move within him. Sparks ignited along his nerves and he groaned as what Takeru was doing started to feel really, really good.

Takeru sighed into Ken's hair as he slowly slid in and out of his Kaiser. It wasn't an easy pace to maintain as his body was having a wonderful time urging him to go much faster. He was doing his best to ignore it as he didn't want to hurt Ken... but it was so damn *hard*. Takeru blinked as Ken stirred against him, drawing back to look up at him. He frowned slightly at the tear track glistening down one cheek and leaned forward to lick it away.

Ken shivered at the delicious sensations wracking his body, he was hard again and swiftly racing towards an aching release. He eagerly responded as Takeru pressed his lips against Ken's own, twining their tongues together in growing need. It wasn't enough for Ken though, he wanted more... now. "Let me go," he pleaded, just this once he didn't mind. "Let me go, please."

Takeru blinked at the request, feeling any hesitation he might have over it crumble at the pleading note. Shaking his head in bemusement, he reached down behind Ken and gently began to unwind the whip from around Ken's wrists. He frowned in concentration, having to divide his attention from the rhythm of his thrusts and unraveling the rather difficult knot he had made out of the whip. Smiling at last in success, he pulled it off of Ken and let it drop to the floor.

Ken wasted very little time to enjoy his reclaimed freedom. Reaching up, he tangled his fingers in Takeru's golden hair and crushed their lips together in a very demanding kiss. He ground his hips down against Takeru's, losing himself in the sensations both of their movements evoked in him.

Takeru chuckled, wrapping his arms around Ken and thrusting a little bit faster now at Ken's urging. He gritted his teeth together, trying to maintain control of himself as Ken pressed his forehead down against Takeru's shoulder. Groaning low in his throat as Ken's body shuddered against his own, he thrust upwards a few more times before releasing himself. He cried out as Ken's muscles clamped down around him as the Kaiser reached his own peak shortly afterwards.

Withdrawing gently, Takeru slumped over, dragging Ken down to the ground along with him. Sighing wearily, he closed his eyes in hopes of getting a snooze in now. The wiggling sensation telegraphing itself down his arm killed that particular idea. Grousing under his breath about a Kaiser who just couldn't understand the idea of 'what's good for him', Takeru snaked his hand out and latched onto Ken's ankle just as the Kaiser was about to sneak off.

Ken briefly registered the feel of Takeru grabbing onto his ankle before he was yanked off his feet. He coughed, the breath slamming out of him as he crashed into the ground, hard. Ken scowled darkly as Takeru crawled up over him and then proceeded to roll him over.

Takeru smiled oh so pleasantly as he asked through his teeth, "Going somewhere?" Smirking, he placed a finger over Ken's lips preventing the Kaiser from yelling an answer back at him. He hummed a whimsical tune as he leaned down and started to nibble on Ken's neck none to gently, but not enough to break the skin.

Ken winced at the bites. He was tired, he was sore and he really needed to get back to see what damage the other kids had managed to inflict during this whole thing. Strangely enough though, he was starting to like this... again... and he didn't want to... *really*. Ken bit down on his lip as Takeru rubbed their groins together. Where in god's name was Takeru's libido coming from? Where was his coming from for that matter?

Nibbling a trail down to Ken's left nipple, Takeru grinned. He was enjoying this, a lot. Even the fact that Ken had tried to get away from him didn't faze the excitement he felt at having the Kaiser all to himself. He wasn't quite sure where he was getting all this stamina from, but he was rather glad that Ken seemed to be able to keep up with him... at least, that's what it felt like down there.

Tugging gently on Ken's nipple with his teeth, Takeru reached down and started to stroke the Kaiser's hardening shaft. Humming in pleasure as he felt Ken's fingers tangling into his hair again, Takeru spread the Kaiser's legs once more in preparation of what was to soon follow.

Ken squirmed against Takeru's touch. He really should be trying to get away more, but it was all rather pleasant even though he was still pretty sore from earlier. Oh well, at least after this one Takeru would be too tired to stop him from leaving... right?

Takeru sat back, gazing down at Ken with hooded eyes. He liked this, liked looking at Ken, teasing him, making him want more, but he liked being inside of Ken a bit more which was exactly where he wanted to be at the moment. Positioning himself, Takeru gazed down into Ken's amethyst eyes as he drove into the Kaiser's body again.

Ken hissed at the expected discomfort, pushing back against Takeru's invasion to hurry up and get to the more pleasant feeling aspects. He sighed in pleasure as Takeru reached that spot that felt really, really good. He gazed up at Takeru as the blonde began to thrust into him again and again, though not quite as gentle this time as he had been last time. Not that it bothered Ken, in fact he actually liked it like this. It felt good, very good.

Takeru closed his eyes, smiling at the enticing feel of Ken's muscles contracting around his length. He knew he was being a bit rougher this time, but Ken seemed to like it so he didn't really bother with thinking about it too much. Opening his eyes again, he smirked down at the Kaiser as he reached down and began to stroke Ken's erection in time with his own thrusts.

Closing his eyes, Ken rolled his head to the side, losing himself in the feeling of Takeru both inside of him and around him. Moaning as his passion rose higher and higher, he scraped his fingernails against the ground, trying to hold on, to keep himself from releasing too soon.

Sliding in up to the hilt, Takeru stopped everything and just watched the Kaiser beneath him. He smiled as Ken locked eyes with him and slowly ran his fingers along Ken's length with a feather-light touch. Languidly, he rolled his hips and chuckled silently as Ken squirmed impatiently at his actions, or lack thereof.

Ken glared daggers up at Takeru, who was purposefully teasing him. He was almost tempted to kick the blonde away and onto his back where Ken could take what he wanted and get the whole thing done with. He might have done it too if Takeru hadn't gotten the hint and begun to move within him again.

Takeru fought down a triumphant smirk, Ken would kill him if he let it out. He liked the fact that Ken wanted what he was doing to him, wanted it *now*. And right now, Ken and the Kaiser both were all his, completely. Leaning over a bit, Takeru stroked Ken in accompaniment to his thrusts, each slightly harder, faster than the last.

Ken's lips twitched as he closed his eyes, losing himself to the motions of their bodies again. He sighed as the blood raced through his veins, his own body and Takeru's urging him closer and closer to his peak. Wrapping his legs tightly around Takeru's waist, he groaned as he felt himself lose control, his seed spurting out over Takeru's hand and was soon followed by the sensation of the blonde releasing into his depths again.

Trying to catch his breath, Takeru slumped down on top of Ken. Every single nerve in his body was tired and the sweat from his exertions was almost to the point of dripping off of his hair. Pushing himself up a bit, he looked down at Ken appraisingly. Yes, Ken definitely looked worn out as well, so hopefully they could both get some sleep now. Leaning back down, he pressed his lips against Ken's in a gentle, though severely tired kiss before flopping over onto his back beside the Kaiser. Yawning, he closed his eyes and settled down, enjoying the quiet and the stillness.

He was almost to sleep, almost, when he felt that telltale shifting of air that told him the Kaiser was trying to get away again. Growling sulfurously under his breath, Takeru swiftly rolled over and launched himself after Ken, who was almost to his feet by now.

Ken grimaced as Takeru pounced him from behind and slammed him into the ground... again. He had almost managed to get away, but almost didn't count in the long run. He sighed in defeat as the blonde's body pinned him to the ground and it didn't look like Takeru felt like getting up off of him anytime soon.

"I'm tired. I'm exhausted," Takeru muttered as he drooped his head over Ken's shoulder, his lips right next to the Kaiser's ear. "And yet, you're still trying to get away. Where in the hell is this energy of yours coming from?"

"I could ask you the same damn question," Ken growled out as Takeru shifted slightly, rubbing up against him in... interesting places. He scowled as the blonde licked the edge of his ear before leaning in closer to nip at it. Takeru couldn't possibly... *again*?!?

"Am I going to have to strangle you to get you to stay put?" Takeru asked conversationally as he rubbed himself up between the cleft of Ken's ass. Before tonight, he would have had serious doubts about his own stamina, but damned if he wasn't getting hard again.

"Maybe," Ken snarled in reply. He shivered as Takeru roughly ran fingernails up and down his sides. Blinking as the blonde rose up off of him, he briefly wondered if Takeru was going to take him up on that.

"Oh, I am tempted," Takeru mumbled sourly as he drew Ken up onto his knees and into position once more for what Takeru had in mind. Grinning fiendishly, he waited a moment to make sure that Ken knew exactly what he was about to do to the dear Kaiser. After the moment had passed, he grabbed Ken's hip tightly and drove into the Kaiser's body again.

Ken cried out at Takeru's rough entrance, his sore muscles spasming in response to the familiar invasion. He hung his head as their hips ground together, biting his lip as that demanding ache started to thread its way through him yet again. Whimpering helplessly at his own body's rising need, he pushed back against Takeru as the blonde took him again, deep and hard.

Takeru hissed through his teeth, blinking as sweat began to drip down from his hair. His muscles screamed at him for rest, but still he drove into Ken's body, smirking when the Kaiser began to push back against his thrusts. He knew he was being overly rough now, but he didn't really care anymore. He was tired, terribly so, he wanted Ken to stay put for the night and he was angry that his Kaiser wasn't getting the idea... above all else though, he just wanted Ken, which was what he was getting right now.

Unable to force any more sounds out of his throat, Ken gasped for breath as his pulse raced faster and faster through his body. He blinked wearily as Takeru leaned down over him, drawing him up off the ground to rest solely in the blonde's lap. Sighing, he closed his eyes, leaned his head back against Takeru's shoulder and simply let the blonde do as he wished. Ken was far too gone at this point to care much either way.

Takeru held Ken like this for what seemed like an endless parade of minutes, his arms looped underneath Ken's own and his hands grasping Ken's shoulders as he pounded upwards again and again into the body he held so tightly against his own. He sucked on Ken's throat as the Kaiser's head lolled back against his shoulder. The only sounds to come from them now were the slapping of skin against skin and their frantic attempt to catch their breath as sweat poured from their glistening bodies.

Ken grimaced, feeling his peak rising all too soon but too lost in the motions of Takeru's shaft within his own body to even attempt any sort of control over it. Reaching up carefully with one hand, Ken ground his fingernails into Takeru's knuckles as his body released itself again. He hope fervently that this would be the last time for the night... Ken doubted very much that he could manage any more.

Feeling Ken's muscles tighten around him, Takeru smiled and loosened the reins of his own need. He thrust upwards once and again, grinding their hips together hard each time before shooting off deep into the Kaiser's body again.

Completely spent, Takeru collapsed off to the right, hugging Ken to him as they fell. He took a moment to wearily withdraw himself from the Kaiser before wrapping his left leg around Ken's waist and closing his eyes. He was not doing *this* again tonight and there was no way in hell he was going to chase after Ken again either.

Ken sighed, closing his eyes and thoroughly unconcerned with the feel of Takeru's breath against the back of his neck. He was tired, very tired and very, very sore and damned if he didn't care whether he could get loose now or not. Surely everything could wait until tomorrow. It wasn't all that hard to reconstruct spires, after all. He smirked ever so slightly at that particular thought before drifting off to sleep.


"Oh hey, I found them!" Takeru yelled out as he picked up something off the ground near the river and trotted back towards the Kaiser who was slowly making his way down the path further up the bank.

Ken looked up tiredly from where he had been watching the dirt path winding along in the grass. He clutched his cloak tightly around him. It wasn't all that chilly but since the only intact parts of his uniform had been the cloak and his pants, he didn't have anything on his chest and he certainly didn't have the disposition at the moment to like the feel of the wind brushing against his bare skin. He sighed, half wondering what Takeru could have possibly found and half not really caring. He was sore, very, very sore and that was about all that mattered to him right now. Thankfully, they had both taken quick baths in the river to wash off all the dried sweat and... other things, before starting back to his fortress. Takeru had offered to help wash his back, which he had instantly declined to avoid any more 'fun' like they had had last night. No more, he hurt too much.

Takeru smiled cheerfully as he skid up next to Ken and brandished his find, which happened to be Ken's pair of tinted glasses that he had lost yesterday while he had been dragging the rather resistant Kaiser to the cave. He blinked innocently as Ken snatched them out of his hands and growled at him.

They walked in silence for awhile, Takeru eyeing Ken cautiously as Ken watched the path, his glasses dangling from his fingers. Finally, they crested a hill, the fortress rising into view before them.

"Well, I need to get going. The others are probably wondering where I am," Takeru muttered as he hesitantly reached out to run his knuckles down Ken's cheek. Smiling when Ken didn't jerk away from, Takeru drew away, knowing a kiss would probably get him pounded into paste, no matter how much he wanted one.

Tilting his head to the side at a sudden feeling of uncertainty, Ken watched Takeru turn away from him and start down the hill. He wasn't sure about it, but he knew he didn't like the feeling of things being... left as they were now.

A few feet away, Takeru stopped. He didn't like leaving things like this... not without knowing what Ken was thinking... about him. Turning around, he hesitantly asked, "So I'll see you, later?"

Ken blinked blankly for a moment before smirking devilishly and sliding his glasses on, all uncertainty vanishing as if it had never existed. "Certainly, I have a favor to repay now... in spades."

Takeru laughed at that, his fears of any hard feelings abated, somewhat, "It just wouldn't be you if you didn't."

Ken's smirk turned into a gentle smile as he watched Takeru walk off, though not away from him. Yes, he was going to have to pay Takeru back for last night and perhaps... other things would follow.


Later in the control room of his fortress, Ken shifted in his throne as he reviewed the data gathered on the other children's spree from yesterday. Thankfully, they hadn't done too much damage and a few placements of new spires and reconstruction of some older ones would fix up the problem in no time.

Ken scowled as he shifted again. He just couldn't seem to get comfortable in any position today as sitting was proving to be a damn difficult problem that nothing seemed to fix. He grimaced as one particular motion set his nerves jangling somewhat painfully.

Wormmon glanced worriedly up at his master, gulping before he dared to ask, "Master, are you not comfortable with your throne?"

Ken froze. Dammit, he had hoped the worm wouldn't notice this particular problem. "Shut up," he muttered sourly.

Wormmon blinked, his master seemed quite bothered by something. "I can get it replaced if you like-"

"SHUT UP ALREADY!" Ken yelled, sending the little insect skittering. He sighed, leaning his head back against the seat. This was awfully embarrassing and it was all Takeru's fault. He was most definitely going to have to pay the blonde back, one way or another.


Ahaha, that turned out better than I thought it would... and I actually managed to finish it... *sniggers* I hopes this confirms my status as a sick and twisted individual.

NOTES: This fic resulted from an interesting conversation with Ajora, my comrade-in-arms, about how we prefer good Ken being dominant yet like seeing the Kaiser being dominated. We are both of the opinion that Takeru has it in him to either be 'seme' or 'uke' whichever is needed... and he's such a horny little guy once you get him going too. So, while I consider him to be slightly OOC since I didn't spend the time to flesh out a plot, I don't have much difficulty seeing the situation happening under certain circumstances.