The Dragon's Knight
by Meimi

LEMON WARNING: This is very erm, graphic? plotless sex scene between a girl and a 'dragon'! If the thought doesn't sit well with you, don't read further and don't harass me.

Author's Note: This is a gift to a good friend of mine with a severe dragon fetish. Here's hoping she enjoys it!


Umi sighed quietly in pleasure, her eyes closed. She couldn't remember the last time she'd taken a nice long, luxurious swim in a heated pool, much less skinny dipped at the same time. She smiled lazily as a cooler current ran across her body, her nipples hardening as the cool water curled lazily around their puckered tips.

She squinched her eyes in a frown, the warm sensations of the water briefly forgotten. How had she gotten here? She couldn't quite remember...

She had been practicing foils for the upcoming match...

No no, that wasn't it.

Her class had been visiting Tokyo Tower...

No, it was after that.

The Magic Knights had been searching for the Escudo.

No, they already had their swords.

They had been diving below the ocean in Mokona's little craft searching for the legendary Mashin. She had felt hot, a heat she was unused to and then... What?

She couldn't remember.

A hotter current billowed over her legs, making her skin tingle as she opened her eyes and gasped at what she saw. She floated within an ocean of coruscating blue energy. Every hue of blue possibly imaginable curled around her in wave upon wave.

How did she get here?

A jagged string of midnight blue rose over her body, causing her hair to stand on ends and her blood to race. She gasped as she tried to suppress her obvious erotic reaction to whatever this energy was. *This* she certainly did not need on top of everything else.

" My Knight "

The bass of that voice echoed around her, sending shivers up and down her spine. Umi moaned in frustration as the bonds she had placed on her unwanted reaction began to loosen.

Who was it?

" My Knight "

The voice was closer now, louder. Sending her into uncontrollable shivers as it reverberated through her body. She squinted out into the depths of blue around her. It sounded like... a man? A much older man, but not quite. There was something else there, something she couldn't figure out.

She blushed a deep red, the color dimming slightly as it spread to the rest of her body. There was a *man* here and she had not a stitch of clothing on. What was worse, she couldn't move right in this place. Every move to try to cover herself in the end left her splayed out. How completely embarrassing and she had no clue how to fix it.


She gasped in fear as a gigantic head swooped out of the energy above her. A dragon, she nearly wailed. She had no armor, no sword and she couldn't move well enough for magic and now she had deal with a dragon. She was certainly doomed if she couldn't defend herself.


Umi blinked in confusion, the voice was coming from... the dragon? She looked up into a pair glowing blue eyes set into a magnificent pattern of dark blue scales that somewhat remind her of the depths of the ocean.

She froze, light glimmering off of fangs at least as long as her forearm as the dragon lowered his head, his forked tongue slipping from his massive jaws to swipe across her belly. She shivered at the warm, wet, sticky sensation.

" MINE "

She shook her head in confusion at that note of possession. What was going on here? The tongue descended again, lazily swiping across her belly and up to her breasts. Teasing the already taut nipples with a warm pressure before drawing away once again. She shivered as sparks of unwanted pleasure danced just beneath the surface of her skin.

What was wrong with her? She was getting pleasure from what was probably the precursor for this dragon's meal. She was going to be eaten if she didn't do something. She tried to move again, struggling against currents of energy that held her better than any iron chain could possibly have hoped to.

She looked up in fear as a growl rose from deep within the dragon's throat. The tongue came again, one fork folding around her waist and tickling her back while the other slipped down between her legs where she had never allowed anything before.

She shivered, breath hissing between clenched teeth as the tip of the fork slid gently over her buttocks before drawing back across her petals, a slight pressure pushing them apart before drawing away again.

Umi whimpered, liking the feelings she was getting far too much yet thankful of the loss of that warm, wet tongue between her legs. She was starting to get off on this, and that was *WRONG*. She sighed, feeling the soft warm wetness within that was her body's own creation. She should be frightened out of her mind and yet she was somewhat enjoying this... thing.

She grimaced as the dragon lowered its tongue once more. One fork wrapped around her left thigh, squeezing the silky skin gently in a soft rhythm. The other fork stretched out, the very tip end tickling and teasing at her folds, causing her to squirm. Her skin felt far more sensitive than it should and she felt warm down there, warm and wet and.. tight as her muscles clenched from the odd attention they were receiving.

She froze as she felt the tip slide between her petals and into the depths within. Its own saliva helping its entry along with the nectar its attention had produced. She strained against the currents of energy, trying to close her legs from the unwanted invasion with little success. She couldn't move as the dragon's tongue slid in deeper, brushing up against a specific nub of flesh. She gasped, her blood rushing faster now as a fire awakened in her loins, sending pleasure throughout her body.

She half-closed her eyes, her back instinctually arching against the pleasurable intrusion. She moaned as the dragon began to hum, an almost purr that sent shivers that only seemed to add to the pleasure up and down her body.

The fork squeezed her thigh harder now as the other pushed into her further and further, plundering her treasure and stretching the walls of her vagina as the dragon's tongue flexed and twisted against her inflamed depths.

She moaned again, deeper this time as the fire within blazed hotter until it began to feel almost painful and still it grew. She clawed at nothing, trying to stretch away to escape from the impossible heat that burned her from the inside out.

The dragon's tongue pushed up against the nub of flesh, pressing against its molten heat with its own. She screamed as the fire exploded within her, racing along her nerves and driving all other sensations from her mind. The pleasure was almost pain it was so great, much more than she had ever felt before.

And she fell away as the dragon released her at last. She fell away into the ocean of energy that surrounded her. Her very being tingled as she floated down into a maelstrom of blue energy. The fire within lessening, growing dimmer as her skin cooled to the touch.

She sighed, letting her mind drift along with her body, as if she were floating upon the water. Her body cooled more and more until it felt as if there was no difference between her and the energy around her.

She closed her eyes at last, finally allowing herself to drift off into the darkness of sleep. As she slipped within the grasp of slumber she heard again that voice, the voice of dragon.

" My Knight "

~*~ END ~*~

*whew* That was actually somewhat difficult. ^_^ My first sex scene between a human and a non-human. Here's hoping it turned out alright.