Thy Will Be Done
Chapter 1 - the centre cannot hold
by Meimi


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Notes: Take a sharp turn right after Episode 1, head straight into Alternate Universe/Timeline territory, add in a few speculative theories, shake well.


"It's a shame to relegate him to such a minor role," Wilhelm, the CEO of Vector and something more, turned his head slightly, a tiny shadow of curiosity glittering in his fire bright eyes, "Don't you think?"

"Perhaps," the word rolled slowly off the Red Testament's tongue, as if he were unsure of his answer. A moment passed, and then a minute tremor passed over him, as if he wanted to shake his head to clear it but denied the impulse. "There is another matter that concerns me."

"Oh?" Wilhelm prompted as he turned away from his view of the stars and seated himself in his desk chair. Propping his elbows on the arms, he laced his fingers together and waited expectantly for a response.

"Yes. It's about... him," The Red Testament answered, holding himself still as if the subject did not bother him, though Wilhelm got the distinct impression that the man was actively forcing himself not to fidget. "Physically, he has handled the transition quite well. But mentally... emotionally, there are some problem areas."

"Ah yes, Febronia, isn't it?" Wilhelm leaned forward slightly, resting his chin upon his fingers as the other nodded. "I do not think that will be a lasting factor. Unlike yourself, she is far beyond his reach."

Kevin Winnicot, the man who had assumed the role of the Red Testament upon his unfortunate, though seemingly planned, death, gave a mild start. The comparison was true, in a broad sense, but he hadn't actually been expecting it to be voiced. "That is true, however, I have no desire to add to the difficulty of such a revelation."

"Sympathy then, interesting," Wilhelm almost seemed to sigh, his eyes dimming somewhat as his thoughts ghosted around the subject, perhaps unwilling to touch upon it too much and make it personal. "We all have things we wish for that cannot be. He will come to realize this as you have."

"Sir?" Kevin tilted his head to the side imperceptibly. It appeared as if his master might actually include himself in such a statement, but surely not.

"That will be all for now. I will summon you when I have need of you again," Wilhelm said abruptly as he closed his eyes and leaned back in the chair.

The dismissal was obvious, if rather mystifying, but Kevin decided to take his leave as instructed. He hesitated for only a moment's time, long enough to locate Virgil, before fading out. Keeping an eye on their newest addition seemed like the proper thing to do, and it would certainly make him feel better about it.

"We all have desires we wish that can never be," Wilhelm murmured softly to the empty room as he rose, crossing his arms behind his back and returning his gaze to the stars beyond. "There are many things we wish for, many things that cannot be. And the most dangerous of them all, the greatest sin, the wish to simply stop. To not be at all. It is something that can never be granted, no matter how fervently we may wish for it."


The giddy euphoria they were all feeling was well earned. Not only had they managed to escape the Gnosis and U-TIC, for the time being, but they had also managed to save Second Militia from Albedo's twisted machinations and were all still in one piece, more or less. And he... he was still here, still the same. Events might not have gone the way he would have wished them too, but there was still time. The opportunity to change what may come was still a distinct possibility. Hopefully, he would be able to make use of it when it presented itself. If only-

It is something that can never be granted, no matter how fervently we may wish for it.

chaos blinked in shock. It had been years since he had heard his voice, telepathically or otherwise, but that had definitely been Wilhelm's thought that had just flittered across his mind. Strange, that he would hear him now, when they were perhaps the furthermost apart than they had ever been before. And even stranger, it didn't seem to have been deliberate at all. He doubted his old friend even knew he had managed to bridge the ever-widening gulf between them. How odd.

And what had Wilhelm meant by that? It almost sounded... hopeless, which was truly an impossibility where he was concerned. Wilhelm never wavered from his chosen path, never heeded anything that might hinder him, be it good or ill. That is the reason why they were no longer... friends. So why-


Blinking again, chaos turned his attention back to the matter at hand and the brunette who was now giving him a concerned look. Shion truly was a remarkable woman. She had nearly lost that which she loved the most twice in an exceedingly short amount of time, and yet, she had still managed to notice that he had gotten lost in his own thoughts. "Yes, Shion?"

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, I'm fine," he answered, before noticing her skeptical expression and adding on hastily, "Really, it's just that everything that's happened is a lot to digest."

"Oh, well, if you say so," Shion said slowly, her skepticism still very apparent, "But if you need anything, or want to talk, don't hesitate to come search me out. Okay?"

"All right," chaos smiled even as he winced on the inside. How he wished he could talk to someone about everything, how he wished he could talk to her. But it could not be. Even if he could allow himself the luxury, he would not dare to shoulder her with his own personal burden. She didn't deserve that. The selfish part of him wanted to keep her as his friend as well, and he was almost certain that would not remain so if she knew.

No, he wasn't giving her enough credit. She was one of the kindest souls he had ever known. She would still consider him her friend, but she would be extremely disappointed in him nonetheless. He did not want to face that. In that particular regard, he would admit that he is, and ever shall be, a coward.


chaos and Shion's eyes widened in concert as the voice of the child who was not echoed through their minds.

You must beware.


Something old is coming. Something very old.


Black folded upon itself into black, swallowing the light in its uncaring scorn. It was nothing, it encompassed nothing and all that came into its grasp became nothing. And yet, it gleamed in space brighter than any star it could swallow. Black holes were their own irony. And even still, beyond the crush of gravity and the unending death of light produced by two of them, much remained.

Miltia remained. U-DO remained. The Zohar remained, but all who had been there before were gone, lost to death, lost in the dark.

It did not stay dark.

Polished gold glimmered and gleamed in its own light, forever shining its power to those who would see. There were none to see. There were none to witness the ripples upon its surface, none to witness gold turning to silver.

And from the ripples of silver emerged a hand, delicate and pale as frost with runes of glowing blue painted across its back. It was soon followed by the forearm behind it, encased in black metal, and a voice as cold as the vast emptiness of space.

"Thy will be done, on earth... as in heaven."


There is a greater darkness than the one we fight. It is the darkness of the soul that has lost its way. [...] Greater than the death of flesh is the death of hope. The death of dreams. - Babylon 5