Rayearth ~ The Hentai Parody
The Prelude
by Meimi

SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers abound for not only the first season of MKR but also some facets of the second season.

WARNING: This is a parody of the first season of MKR. It was planned as a joke, it's reality is more so. As a hentai parody it will involve all of the following in as trashy a manner as possible: sex, yaoi, resu, incest, pedophilia, bestiality and so on. If any of these *things* disturb you PLEASE DON'T READ IT!

And remember, it's all a parody. It's *supposed* to be bad. ^_~


One reality removed from the hustle and bustle of Earth of the 20th century, there exists a world of magic. A world where fairies and elves, dragons and unicorns, sorcerers and sorceresses exist. A world of floating islands, gigantic volcanoes, vast oceans and lush green forests. A beautiful world called Cephiro.

But unlike other worlds, Cephiro's fate lies solely upon its beautiful princess, Esmeraude. When she is happy, the world blooms. When she is angry, the sky thunders and monsters terrorize the land. Unfortunately, Esmeraude-hime was born cursed, cursed to live out eternity in the form of a child.

This did not sit well with the vain princess. The world suffered from her wrath.

Fortunately, Cephiro was saved through the intervention of the great master mage, Clef. By means that only the princess and the great priest, Zagato, were privy too, he transferred her curse upon himself.

And so, Esmeraude-hime lives out her life as a beautiful woman and Guru Clef stoically bears the form of a child. The inhabitants of Cephiro gave a collective sigh of relief.

Ages passed with nary an upset from the vain Esmeraude-hime. She had everything she would ever want, a beautiful form, devoted servants and many willing bed partners. Well, almost everything. For as long as she could remember, she had lusted after the handsome Priest Zagato, but he never seemed to return her attention. This should have angered her greatly, but instead she bided her time. She had eternity and eventually EVERYONE came willingly to her bed.

Had she known what was going through Zagato's mind, the world have quaked from her fury. And perhaps, it still will. You see, over time, Zagato's affection had turned towards the one who suffered the most from Esmeraude's power. Guru Clef.

He did not quite know when it started, but by this time he was well and truly enamored of the child-like mage. Unfortunately, the way matters stood, there wasn't much hope for he and his 'love' ever being together. Watching Clef's sufferings every day thanks to Esmeraude wasn't helping either.

And so the Great Priest began to hatch a plot.


Clef yawned as he trudged towards his bedroom, his muscles ached ferociously from the long day's work. Esmeraude's happiness and good will was her only contribution to her world. He and Zagato ended up doing the rest of the work. And there WAS alot of work running an entire world. He had spent the entire day running around the palace having to fix this and that. He had pretty much been run into the ground. His pace quickened as the doors to his bedroom came into view. Oh, how he looked forward to climbing into his huge, plush bed and collapsing.

He quietly slipped inside, closing and locking the doors behind him. Esmeraude's taste ran more to nubile teenagers, but Clef wasn't going to risk the chance of her ever having the idea to molest *him*. He shuddered at the thought as he disrobed, slipping out of his heavy ornamental day attire and into his far more comfortable blue pajamas.

He yawned again as he struggled up onto his bed. Being forever trapped in the body of a child had its disadvantages. He plopped down on his large bed, leaving the covers off. It was a rather warm night after all. Closing his brilliant blue eyes, he muttered an incantation to extinguish the lights in the room. Inky darkness descended over Clef's bedroom.

An hour passed in silence, then two as Clef snuggled undisturbed in his bed. His sleep was calm and deep and his dreams of no consequence. Unfortunately, Clef's much sought after slumber was not to last this fateful night.

The soft swishing of robes across the tiled floor was the only audible sound the intruder made as he entered Clef's private domain, his form melting through the bedroom doors as if they weren't even there. A soft whisper followed by the creation of a floating light revealed the handsome countenance of the Great Priest Zagato. He smiled lovingly as he gazed down upon beloved's sleeping form.

Ever so carefully, so as not to disturb the sleeping mage, Zagato eased himself onto the bed. Unable to resist, he leaned over Clef and hesitantly brushed a few lavender locks away from his love's closed eyes. Bolder now, he ran his hand across the silky skin of Clef's cheek and up into the mage's angel-fine hair.

Clef's eyes fluttered open at the gentle caress. He blinked blearily, sleep fogging his mind. A moment later, his eyes widened in surprise as he looked up at the priest leaning over him. "Zaga- " He was stopped from any further outbursts when Zagato's hand clamped over his mouth.

Clef's eyes narrowed in confusion as Zagato made a shushing motion and pulled back slightly. The priest muttered an inaudible incantation before leaning forward once more, his lips locking upon the stunned mage's as they were both engulfed in the pink-tinted energy of a teleportation spell.


Ferio nervously opened the door to his sister's bedroom. He really didn't want to deliver the somewhat distressing 'news', but everyone else had bugged out the instant they heard. He sighed in defeat as he silently closed the door behind him and headed into his sister's inner sanctum. Being careful not to trip over the exhausted bodies of Esmeraude's favored lovers, Ferio threaded his way to his sister's bed in the dim early morning light.

"Oneesama," Ferio called out quietly as he reached the edge of her lavish bed. He leaned over, his hands sinking into the mattress as he spied his sister's slender form. "Oneesama!"

Esmeraude twitched, her toes curling as Ferio's call drew her away from her sated slumber. Rose-colored lips cracked open in a wide yawn as she stretched, her full, round breasts bouncing slightly from her tired movements. A pair of tired, emerald green eyes glittered in the wan light as she peered over at her brother. "Feeeerioooo, it's too eeearrrly!"

Ferio winced. He was going to get it, he just knew it. "But Oneesama, it's import-"

"OUT! NOW!" Her eyes narrowed dangerously. Faster than sight, she leapt to her feet, viciously throwing the first thing she could reach at him.

Maybe this hadn't been such a good idea, Ferio thought as he was smacked full in the face with a white, fluffy pillow. He visibly wilted under her angry glare. "I guess it can wait..." waving his hands placatingly, he swiftly turned around, intent upon escaping her ire.

"Ferio... Wait!" Esmeraude collapsed gracefully to her knees, her lips pouting in remorse. "Come back... your Oneesama is sorry she yelled at you. Really!" She smiled and patted a soft spot on the bed next to her as he turned back around. "Come here."

He turned back around, eyeing her suspiciously. Usually when his sister was like this, she was setting him up for something. He could never be sure just what it was she was setting him up for either. He sighed and meekly walked back to the bed. No matter what else he thought, he knew he couldn't escape one of her plans for him. It was better to just go along with it and hope he survived.

Esmeraude smiled winsomely at Ferio as he gingerly sat down in the indicated spot. She was going to enjoy this. "Relax. I promise I won't bite... this time."

Ferio winced at the memories that brought up. He probably had more scars from her lovebites than from swordtraining. He now knew for certain that she was setting him up for something. She'd never promise something like that if she didn't have something else in mind.

"Now," Esmeraude purred as she leaned towards her brother. She oh, so nonchalantly, placed her hands atop his thighs and smirked. "Let me guess why you're here." Drawing little circles on his pant's leg with her fingers she continued, "Some stupid chit turned down *my* wonderful brother *again*?" She waved her hand, not allowing him the chance to tell her the real reason. "Well don't you worry. Your Oneesama will make it all better."

Sweatbeads broke out en masse on Ferio's forehead as his sister began unbuckling his pants. There really wasn't much point in trying to stop her once she had made up her mind, and she obviously had. Still, he had to try, "Oneesama! That's not-"

"Hush Ferio, you're going to enjoy this. Trust me." Smiling in anticipation, Esmeraude pulled her brother's pants down revealing what she had been searching for. "Really Ferio, I don't see why anyone would turn down what you have to offer." Her smile widening, not unlike a cat who had found its cream, she began stroking his flacid penis, patiently waiting for it to grow from her ministrations.

Ferio groaned and surrendered to Esmeraude's eager touch. She had always been demanding, and not letting her have what she wanted would really get him into trouble. Besides, she was a very skilled lover and it wasn't like he was getting anything anywhere else.

"There we go," Esmeraude whispered huskily. Removing her slim hands from Ferio's now erect member, she leaned forward replacing them with her silky lips. She started at the tip, placing feather-light kisses up and down the length of his shaft.

Licking her own lips first, she teased his foreskin with the tip end of her pink tongue. Slowly she lapped at the head of his penis, a low chuckle coming from deep in her throat as he began to moan in pleasure. Wrapping her lips around the head of his manhood, she slowly slid his length inch by inch into her warm, moist mouth. Every bit of his skin that slipped into her mouth she lathered down with her tongue. She moaned around his penis, loving the salty taste of it.

Finally, her mouth buried in his pubic hair, she reached the hilt of his manhood. Reaching down beneath her chin, she fondled his testicles as she drew back, sliding his penis out of her mouth, her tongue licking it in a frenzy. Picking up speed, she slid her brother's penis in and out of her mouth, enjoying the feel of it and also enjoying the sounds of his moans. She did so love getting her little brother off. He always responded properly and at the right time and he was so good to practice on.

Ferio moaned a perfect counterpoint to the sound of her slurping as Esmeraude drew him closer and closer to climax. Feeling the muscles tighten in his testicles, Esmeraude curled her tongue around Ferio's penis as she deep throated the entire length. Ferio collapsed backwards as he shot his seed into his sister's mouth. Esmeraude swallowed it down, a small bit dribbling out the corner of her mouth as she released his penis and smacked her lips.

Grinning like a cheshire cat, she leaned over her brother's prone form and licked her lips. "Isn't that better Ferio?"

"Hai...." Ferio sighed, spent. Several moments passed in silence as he massaged his eyes with one hand. Finally mustering up the courage he blinked and grimaced as he looked up into Esmeraude's smiling face.

"Would you like to have some more fun with your Oneesama?" Esmeraude purred. She had been quite turned on by the whole thing and was feeling a bit 'wanting' herself.

Wincing and hoping that he could stave off anymore of his sister's 'fun', Ferio began. "But Oneesama, I really have something important to tell you." Gulping and praying fervently that these weren't his last moments of life, he continued. "Zagato.... ran off with... Clef."

The seconds ticked by as Esmeraude stared dumbfoundedly down at her little brother. And then at last she scowled, small thunderheads beginning to build up above her head, "HE WHAT?!?!?!?!?!?!"

To Be Continued...


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