The Kaiser's Off Day
A Digimon 02 Yaoi
by Meimi


Standard disclaimers apply.

YAOI WARNING: This is a yaoi fic and contains within it sex and other dirty deeds between two male characters. If this disturbs you in any way PLEASE do not continue reading. And yes, I am sick and twisted, thanks for asking.

DAISUKE WARNING: Daisuke really has bad karma in this fic. Unfortunately, Takeru suffers the most for it. I really don't see Daisuke as OOC in here, just more Usagi-ish than normal. But if you have a problem with Daisuke being the butt of the Kaiser's joke, do please take heed now.

This has absolutely nothing to do with any of my other fics. It was just one of those sick ideas I keep getting that just wouldn't leave me alone. Enjoy! ^_~


Ichijouji Ken was having one of the most boring days ever. Boredom was always something he had to fight against, even as the Kaiser there really wasn't much to give him a challenge, something to excite him and save him from the usual lack of anything worthwhile to do. There were even times when he was so bored he almost regretted being the perfect genius that he was. Today was turning out to be one of those days.

Or at least it had been, until Fate decided to step in and amuse him for once. Fate's victims? Whom else but the DigiDestined.

Ken watched his monitors, an indulgent smirk dawning across his features as the brat's partner, Digmon wasn't it, used its attack to knock down one of his control spires and managed to collapse an underground cavern underneath the two older boys, who appeared to be arguing about something. Both boys disappeared beneath the ground and the opening collapsed even further afterwards preventing the others from following after their comrades.

If this wasn't the perfect setup, Ken had no idea what could possibly be better.

Humming cheerfully to himself, Ken rose from his throne and swept out of the control room. There were two cute boys all alone in the dank, dark caverns of the digital world. They were separated from their comrades and their digimon partners with not even a flashlight between them to help them get out. It just wouldn't be him if he didn't take advantage of it.

Wormmon watched as his master sauntered down the hallway, whistling a happy tune as he went. The Kaiser was in an amazingly good mood. Unfortunately, Ken tended to be a bit unreadable when he was happy, so there was no telling what he might do. This did not bode well.


Takeru winced as he slowly sat up, coughing on the dust created by the cave-in. His head was aching terribly, especially in the back. Reaching up, he briefly noted that he had lost his hat as he carefully ran his fingers through his hair. He grimaced when he felt something wet, sticky and warm. Even though he couldn't see anything in the minuscule light coming in from cracks in the rocks above, he was quite certain it was blood. It didn't feel too bad though. His skull was still pretty much intact, no matter how much it ached and tried to tell him that it wasn't.

Takeru winced again when somebody moaned somewhere off to the right and created a minor echo that his head really didn't appreciate. Had to be Daisuke, he had been the only one close enough to get caught in the cave-in along with Takeru. Swallowing against the slight nausea he was feeling thanks to the overly loud noise, Takeru called out hesitantly, "Daisuke?"

"Ow, what happened?" Daisuke groaned as he slowly sat up, wincing at the obvious bruising on his posterior. Figures he'd land on his butt in this kind of situation. Grinning self-deprecatingly at the thought, Daisuke blinked around in the minimal light and tried to get his bearings.

"Digmon's attack must have collapsed an underground cavern," Takeru mumbled, trying to be loud enough for Daisuke to hear but not loud enough to make him want to curl up into a little ball and die from his head. Squinting, he looked up and continued, "The rest must have caved in after the initial collapse."

"Don't we sound oh so smart," Daisuke muttered snidely as he hauled himself up off the floor. He regretted saying it an instant later. They had been arguing about where to head next in their campaign before *this* happened, and here he was still being a jerk about it.

"Can we just not get into this again?" Takeru bit out before pressing his palms against his eyes as the pounding got worse. Wonderful, Daisuke was still carrying a chip on his shoulder about that stupid argument. Maybe something out there would take pity on him and let him pass out. But no, that might not be a good idea. Daisuke might just leave him behind. Joy. Sighing silently as the pain dimmed somewhat, Takeru used the boulder behind him for support as he climbed to his feet. "Look, let's just get out of here."

"Fine," Daisuke answered flatly in reply. He looked around in the darkness, wondering how they *were* going to manage to get out. After a few seconds speculating on it, he asked, "How exactly are we gonna do that?"

"We walk?" Takeru suggested as he tried to deal with his stomach which did not like the fact that his head was at a higher altitude now. "This place is probably part of a cave system. All we have to do is keep walking up... not too hard." He shuffled forward experimentally, being careful of where he placed his feet so that he didn't trip over anything. There was a soft breeze wafting in from somewhere off to the left, probably an opening to the next cavern.

"Well, it's kinda dark," Daisuke trailed off hesitantly. Walking around in a dark cave wasn't exactly an appealing idea, but neither was staying here.

"If we're careful where we step, we'll be just fine. Besides, there's always the possibility of better lighting up ahead," Takeru murmured softly only half paying attention as he reached forward, running his hand along the rock wall and then feeling nothing further over. "Come on, there's an opening over here."

"Oh... uh, okay," Daisuke blurted out as he made his way over to where Takeru's voice was coming from, almost tripping over a few rocks in the process. He slowed down as he got closer and reached out, his fingers brushing against cloth. Takeru. "Ready when you are."


Gesturing at a handful of his more favored slaves to indicate that they were to follow at a distance, the Kaiser stealthily stalked into one of the many tunnels leading into the underground cave system where his prey of choice lurked. He smirked in superiority at his own ingenuity as his glasses shifted to night vision when the sunlight from the opening dimmed and then vanished as he skirted around a boulder jutting out from the left wall.

This was going to be far too easy. Perhaps he should torment them a bit first before capturing them. Doing so had certainly produced interesting results in Motomiya in the past... and the intriguing variable of Takaishi should prove to be highly entertaining.


Takeru frowned as he slowly shuffled down a corridor, his right hand trailing along the wall. He hoped fervently that all he was feeling was cool stone and grit, he seriously doubted he could handle bugs right now. Daisuke was huddled behind him, the goggle boy had latched onto him when they had started out and was practically breathing on his neck now. It was a bit... disconcerting. Daisuke wasn't exactly the touchy-feely type, well except where the girls were concerned but that was an entirely different subject. And the fact that Daisuke was being 'clingy' now was just really odd. Okay, they were all alone in the dark with no idea when or where they would find a way out, but it was *still* strange.

Takeru slowed and then came to a halt as his hand trailed off the rock wall and into empty air. Another tunnel... or something else? Hesitantly, he slid his foot along the ground towards the opening and grimaced when it too met empty air. Great, a cliff, just what he needed. Well, at least the tunnel didn't seem to end on the other side, yet. They could probably just skirt the cliff and everything would be fine.

Takeru pinwheeled his arms and dug his heels into the ground when Daisuke suddenly pressed up against him, pushing him a bit too close to the cliff for comfort. "Daisuke, what are you~"

"Did you hear that?" Daisuke asked in a wavering voice, his eyes wide open as he glanced around into the endless black at the things he couldn't see. He didn't like the dark. He didn't like the unending silence. He didn't like having to depend on Takeru. And he certainly didn't like that odd, faint scraping sound he had just heard.

"Hear what?" Takeru asked in annoyance as he turned his head to glare back in the general direction Daisuke was in. He froze when he heard a scraping sound that seemed to bounce off the walls making it difficult to determine where it was coming from. It was as he was trying to figure out what exactly could possibly be making the sound that Daisuke crowded up against him, pushing Takeru a bit too far. "Daisuke! Don't~" Takeru managed to get out before his right foot slipped over the edge of the cliff, twisting rather painfully as he lost his balance and toppled the rest of the way over.

Takeru fell long enough for him to start wondering if it was just too dark for him to see his life passing before his eyes, then he hit the incline hidden below in the dark. The breath whooshed out of him from the impact and then he started rolling. Takeru scrambled, reaching for anything to stop his descent. He might have survived the first fall, but there was no telling what was below and if it was another cliff... Unfortunately, he didn't quite manage to find anything substantial to grab onto when the ground suddenly stopped and he didn't. 'Oh the irony,' he thought bitterly before he again felt himself hit something, this time it was water.

Panic had certainly set in by the time Takeru found himself wondering which way was up. Surviving Daisuke pushing him off a cliff only to drown would be a bit embarrassing. It hadn't been too long of a drop, so he couldn't be that far below the surface. And he had hit sorta head first so... Takeru twisted around and stroked hopefully upwards. He was soon rewarded by the feel of air on his hands and took a big gulp of it as his head broke the surface. Takeru sighed in relief as the reality of it all started registering in his mind. He was still alive and pretty much in one piece, even if his right ankle was now trying to compete with his head on which hurt worse.

"Takeru! Takeru!" Daisuke yelled frantically from the top of the cliff. He had barely managed to keep himself from falling after Takeru when had tried to grab hold of the blonde. He was such an idiot. He pushed Takeru off a cliff! How could he do that?!? Idiot. Idiot. Idiot. "Takeru!!"

"I can hear you Daisuke," Takeru raised his voice slightly so that Daisuke could hear him as he slowly tread water to keep from going under again. There didn't seem to be much of a current, if any. It must be a lake.

Daisuke let out a breath of relief, his cheeks puffing out from the force of it. Well at least he hadn't managed to kill Takeru, though it had been a rather close call all things considered. 'Get it together Motomiya,' Daisuke berated himself as he stared down in the darkness, wishing he could see *anything*. "Are you alright?"

Takeru blinked and scowled at that particular question. He allowed himself only a moment to think on how exactly to answer that since he wasn't feeling too awfully charitable at the moment. Finally, he shot back his answer in a rather strained voice, "I just fell off a cliff, Daisuke. What do you think?"

"Erk, sorry," Daisuke whimpered pathetically before kneeling down and feeling along the edge of the cliff. "Here, I'll be right down to help you in a sec."

"No! Are you nuts?!" Takeru yelled out, splashing the water in returning panic. Grimacing at the thought of Daisuke falling down after him, and possibly on him, Takeru calmed himself and explained why he thought it was a bad idea. "Daisuke, just because I managed to get down here in one piece doesn't mean that you won't end up getting hurt. I'd really rather you not get hurt. So you stay up there and find your way out, okay? I'll find another way out and we'll meet each other up top."

Frowning worriedly, Daisuke hesitantly asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine," Takeru tried to sound encouraging even as he winced at his own untruth. Oh, it wasn't exactly a lie but it certainly wasn't the truth judging by the aches and pains that were making themselves known. "Just be careful."

Daisuke's frown deepened somewhat. He didn't believe Takeru, the blonde just did *not* sound okay, but there wasn't anything he could do about it at the moment. Shaking his head at this rather unpleasant situation, Daisuke slowly stood up. "Okay, I'll see you soon." Turning around, he sighed and gingerly walked away from the cliff and his teammate. The sooner he was out of here, the sooner he could take care of Takeru.

"Yeah," Takeru muttered quietly. That hadn't been hard. Daisuke couldn't possibly be... worried about him, could he? Frowning at the very idea of it, Takeru turned around and swam in the opposite direction of the cliffs. Surely there had to be a beach of some sort around here somewhere.


The Kaiser smirked as he leaned up against a rock wall and listened. Now this turn of events was really too good to be true. And yet, it was true. Who said fate was unkind to the wicked? Chuckling silently to himself, Ken cheerfully pushed himself off the wall and headed in the direction Motomiya must certainly be going in. It would be a cinch to catch the boy in the dark, and surely he couldn't pass up the chance to catch the goggle boy, all alone... in the dark.

Really, Motomiya must be all torn up by the fact that he had just nearly managed to kill one of his teammate. How terrible it must be for him, all alone with just his newly awakened demons to keep him company. He'd probably welcome the distraction of getting captured by the evil Digimon Kaiser to save him from himself.

Now that would be a bit of a disappointment. Ken was definitely going to have to torment the boy some to make it all worth his effort. He considered his options as he silently stalked towards the sound of scuffing footsteps further ahead. Many of them were appealing, some more so than others, but one in particular stood above the rest. It would be so simple and yet so rewarding, especially in how it would make Motomiya squirm. What a lovely idea. Grinning at his own sadistic flair for things, Ken quietly rounded a corner in the tunnel and stopped as his prey came into view. Perfect. Now was the time to play.

Daisuke froze, uncertain as to why he suddenly felt as if he were being watched. It was ridiculous. Who could be watching him in the dark? His skin crawled, feeling as if every single hair on his body was standing on end, as the sensation ignored everything else and grew more and more. Finally, he shook his head at it all. What was he doing? He had better things to do than pay attention to a baffling feeling. Takeru needed him. That was all that mattered.

And that was all Daisuke managed before he felt himself being pounced from behind. He nearly choked on his own breath and banged his chin painfully as he hit the ground hard. Whatever it was that had attacked him settled solidly on his waist, yanking his arms behind his back and tying them together with something in the span of a few seconds. What the...?

"Fancy meeting you here," Ken purred into Daisuke's ear, his grin widening in delight as the boy below him flinched upon recognizing his voice. This was going to be so much fun. Reaching up, Ken deactivated the night vision in his glasses, dug a miniature flashlight out from his belt and switched it on. He blinked for several seconds as his eyes adjusted to the new light, though certainly it would take his new toy a bit longer to get used to any sort of light again. His grin turned into an impish smile at that particular thought of superiority as he yanked those irritating goggles off the boy's head.

"Hey!" Daisuke yelped angrily as he struggled futilely against the arrogant Kaiser sitting proudly on his back. He did not need this. "What do you think you're doing?"

Ken bit his lip at the giggle that particular question produced. Evil dictators do not giggle, even at really stupid questions like that. Leaning down, he ran his gloved fingers through Motomiya's auburn-brown hair and whispered, "Whatever I feel like."

Daisuke blanched as the Kaiser's hot breath tickled against his right ear. He did not like where this was going, not one bit. Bucking against the poised weight settled over his back, he snarled, "Get off of me, you jerk!"

"Oh, did I crush your feelings of manliness when I captured you oh so effortlessly?" Ken purred silkily as he yanked on Motomiya's hair, drawing the boy's head up off the ground. "Well then, I guess I'll have to *rectify* that now won't I?" He continued conversationally as Motomiya growled at him. Scooting backwards, he drew the boy up by the hair until they were both sitting on the ground, Motomiya with his back to the Kaiser.

Daisuke swallowed convulsively. He did not like the position he was in, nor did he like the odd tone in Ken's voice. It made his skin prickle strangely and his blood rush to somewhere it really shouldn't be right now. Whatever Ken had planned, he *had* to get away... for Takeru's sake if nothing else. He eeped as a gloved hand snaked around him, slipping beneath his jacket to slowly caress its way across his chest and down. "What do you think you're doing, you freak?"

"I'm the freak?" Ken snickered silently as he leaned forward and gently blew in Motomiya's ear. "I'm not the one who's enjoying this the most, now am I?" He asked snidely as he trailed his fingers down to grip the growing heat through the material of the boy's shorts.

"I don't~ I don't know what you're talking about," Daisuke whimpered helplessly as Ken slowly unzipped his shorts and reached within. "Stop!" he squeaked out at the feel of Ken's gloved fingers brushing against his oversensitized skin.

Ken laughed outright, yanking cruelly on the boy's hair with his free hand. "No. You're mine right now and I can do whatever I want to you." He trailed his fingers lightly along Motomiya's length before drawing it out into the air. "It's not my fault you're enjoying it quite so much. Who would have thought you'd be such a pervert."

Growling incoherently, Daisuke wilted slightly as Ken's fingers closed around his erection and tugged on him experimentally. His eyes glazed over with pleasure as the Kaiser began to rhythmically pump his aching shaft. 'Damn you,' he cursed at himself. He was getting jerked off by his, no, *their* enemy and he was enjoying it. He hated himself and his body for liking it and most especially Ken for doing this to him. And yet, part of him wanted more...

Ken hummed pleasantly to himself as he sped up his ministrations a bit. As fun as this was, he still had one more DigiDestined to capture and judging by the events he had heard earlier, Takaishi was certainly in need of 'saving'. "Ah, there we go," he muttered under his breath as he felt Motomiya tense up even further in his grip. A few moments later the boy shuddered as his seed spurted off into the air. Ken released the softening flesh and patted Motomiya on the head as if he were rewarding his pet dog for behaving. "As fun as that was, I really do need to go find your friend now before he ends up injuring himself further."

Daisuke let out a strangled gasp before whipping his head around to glare balefully at Ken as the Kaiser climbed to his feet. "Don't you dare touch him!"

"Oh?" Ken cocked an eyebrow behind his glasses in dawning humor. Now this reaction was a bit interesting. "Getting a little protective are we?" Crossing his arms, he tilted his head off to the side and asked ever so innocently. "Strange, since I do believe it was *you* who pushed him off a cliff... that could have killed him." Sneering at the shock on Motomiya's face, Ken snapped his fingers to summon forth a few of his slaves before continuing, "Anything I might do to him pales considerably next to what you've already done to him."

Turning to address the two Veggiemon that emerged from the darkness, Ken pointed down at the boy on the ground, "Put his shorts back on properly and take him back to the fortress." Glancing at the ground, he smirked and leaned over to pick up Motomiya's discarded pair of goggles. He grinned fiendishly down at his prize before tossing it over to his slaves, "Here, use that to bind his ankles. I have unfinished business elsewhere." Laughing maliciously, Ken turned on his heels and headed back into the caves, ignoring Motomiya's rather heated protests. This was turning out to be such an entertaining day.


It was cold. It had been a little chilly before, not really much for Takeru to pay attention to, but now it was downright cold and it didn't really help that he was completely drenched thanks to his little unexpected dive into that lake. There was one good thing about the cold though, it took his mind off the throbbing pain shooting up from his right ankle every time he took a step. His head on the other hand was pretty much numb right now, not exactly a good sign but there really wasn't anything he could do about it.

Rounding a corner in the tunnel he had taken from the lake's rocky beach, Takeru smiled and shaded his eyes from the sunlight glimmering down into the cavern ahead. Hopefully there would be a way to the surface around here somewhere if the light was any indication. Hobbling into the center of the cave, Takeru squinted up at the crack in the rocks above and smiled weakly. He couldn't get out through there of course, but it was nice seeing sunlight again.

"Looking for something?" The husky toned question coming from somewhere behind him, spoken in a voice that was all too familiar, sent shivers down Takeru's back. Oh no...

Whirling around, Takeru cried out in pain as his ankle chose that particular moment to give out on him and sent him crashing to the ground. He winced as he landed on his rear end, bruising it up even more and ending up skinning the palms of his hands to keep the rest of him from hitting the ground. Were today's little 'surprises' ever going to end? Sighing silently to himself, Takeru looked warily up at the Digimon Kaiser who was standing just beyond the edge of the sunlight and gazing down at him with a rather amused smirk plastered across his face.

"Falling for me now? How sweet," Ken chuckled quietly as he stared down at his new quarry. Takaishi didn't look too worse for wear. The boy's ankle was obviously injured, possibly a sprain, and judging by the pupil dilation in those ever so appealing sapphire eyes, the blonde probably had a concussion as well. And of course, the boy was completely drenched and was probably heading towards a nasty cold at the very least if he didn't get warm and dry soon. Hmm, this was certainly an interesting twist of fate, the evil dictator was going to be the hero for once. How disgusting...

"What are you doing here Ichijouji?" Takeru ground out as he scooted back along the ground, putting a bit of distance between himself and the other boy. It probably wouldn't matter in the long run just how close they were, but it did make him feel a tad bit safer.

"Well," Ken drawled ever so slowly as he continued to gaze down at Takaishi. Propping his right arm on top of his left, he reached up and ran his thumb across his bottom lip as if he were actually thinking about the question. "Seeing as how I'm in such a good mood today, I thought I might come down and *help* you out of the little predicament you seem to have gotten yourself into." Smirking, he stepped into the sunlight and closer to his prey.

"You? Doing something nice? Why do I somehow doubt that?" Takeru muttered harshly as he scooted back even further. Unfortunately, he put a bit too much force on his injured ankle. The resulting spike of pain sent spots dancing before his eyes. Oh just wonderful, he'd never be able to get away with it acting up like that.

"You're just going to hurt yourself further if you keep that up," Ken supplied conversationally as he stepped closer and held his hand out. Smiling cheerfully down at the bewildered expression his apparent offer was creating on the blonde boy at his feet, he continued, "I promise I won't do anything *bad*. So no worries, alright?"

Takeru looked up skeptically at the gloved hand held out to him. He doubted very much that Ichijouji was being sincere, but there really wasn't anything he could do about it. Even if it was a ploy to lull him into a false sense of security, he wouldn't be able to get away anyway. What was the point in fighting the inevitable? Sighing in defeat, Takeru reached up and grasped the Kaiser's hand, "Whatever."

Reveling in his triumph, Ken yanked the blonde up a bit harder than necessary so that the boy had to grab hold of him to keep from falling over again. Oh, this was so deliciously easy. Turning his head slowly so that he was practically breathing on Takaishi's cheek, Ken waited for the perfect moment to strike.

Gulping silently, Takeru could almost swear he could see a glint of amusement sparking behind the Kaiser's shades. This was far too close for comfort. Not sure exactly what Ichijouji was waiting for, he hesitantly turned his face towards the Kaiser and started off, "Uhm~"

Realizing the moment was upon him, Ken reached behind Takaishi and yanked the boy the few inches needed to seal their lips together in a kiss. As expected, the blonde literally froze at the contact and Ken was free to gather the boy's hands together and easily bind them with a cord. Drawing back, Ken smirked devilishly as he then proceeded to effortlessly heft his new prize over his shoulder and head for home.

Groaning distastefully at Ichijouji's rather unexpected ploy, Takeru grimaced as the Kaiser's shoulderguard pressed up against his stomach somewhat uncomfortably. "Well that was fast."

Chuckling lightly at the obvious meaning behind Takaishi's statement, Ken explained, "This isn't bad. Bad would be letting you walk on an obvious and painful injury. Bad would be allowing you to struggle when I refuse to let you walk on it and thus possibly risk you injuring yourself further. Carrying you back to my fortress on the other hand is perfect. You can't hurt yourself and since I'm perfect there's no chance of me hurting you either."

"Your self-confidence is so inspiring," Takeru grumbled sarcastically in response to the Kaiser's ever present arrogance.

"Isn't it though?" Ken quipped as he walked back into the inky darkness of the tunnels. Humming a cheerful tune, he reached up to reactivate the night vision in his glasses. This day was just too perfect for words.

The trek back to the surface was uneventful. Takeru was just too tired to come up with anything that would help him escape. And judging by his own condition it would be a worthless cause anyway. The Kaiser hummed the entire way back to the surface. It was rather unsettling all things considered. Whatever it was that was putting Ichijouji in such a good mood, Takeru really hoped he wouldn't find out because frankly he was afraid to know.

An Airdramon was waiting up top to fly the Kaiser back to his fortress. Ken carefully laid Takaishi across its back before hauling himself up. A simple command sent the beast winging off into the clear sky and back towards the Kaiser's base.


Walking into the medical room of his fortress, Takaishi once more hefted across his shoulder, Ken couldn't help but smirk in amusement at what he saw. Motomiya was on the floor, leaning against the far wall. The boy was bound still and gagged now too. Interesting that his slaves could get just as tired of the boy shooting off at the mouth as he could. Seating Takaishi down in a metal chair in lieu of the operating table, since it would be rather difficult to access the head wound from there, Ken sneered over at the struggling leader of the DigiDestined, "So nice that you could join us."

Takeru frowned as the Kaiser turned away in search of something. He was feeling more than a bit woozy thanks to the trip. Looking despondently over at Daisuke, he shrugged helplessly when the goggle boy gave him a pointed glare. There wasn't much he could do to rectify their situation.

Ken pulled out some astringent and gauze from the cabinets before turning back to his 'patient'. Setting the supplies on the operating table, he reached down behind Takaishi and untied his efficient knot and pulled the cord free. "Now then, lean forward so I can get a better view of that nice little gash on your head," he instructed as he poured some of the astringent out on a pad of gauze. Returning his attention to the blonde, he smirked upon finding that Takaishi was obeying without even the slightest argument. Either the boy was in more pain than Ken had assumed, or he was smarter than the Kaiser had given him credit for.

"This will hurt a bit," was all the warning Ken gave before applying the saturated gauze at the point where there was the most dried blood. He smiled patiently at Takaishi's hiss of pain as he continued to clean the blood off of the blonde locks of hair. "My my, that must be rather painful," Ken muttered quietly upon getting his first good look at the actual wound. "I'm surprised you don't have a screaming headache."

"It's just numb now," Takeru offered in explanation as the Kaiser continued to clean the dried blood out of the gash.

"That's not good," Ken scowled as he processed that tad bit of information. Takaishi wouldn't be much fun to play with if he was that bad off. "You probably have a concussion. Are you feeling sleepy?"

"A bit..." Takeru trailed off. Was he imagining things or did Ichijouji actually sound worried?

"Well don't fall asleep. No matter what," the Kaiser commanded sharply. Silence descended upon the room as he finished cleaning up the wound. Frowning thoughtfully, Ken looked over towards Motomiya and got a wonderfully delicious idea from the terribly worried expression on the boy's face. His teasing of Motomiya had probably left the dear boy with more than his fair share of raging hormones and Takaishi was just too adorable for words. Coupled with the blonde's rather vulnerable state at the moment and it should produce some rather amusing results, what fun.

"I have a few things to check on before I decide what to do with you," Ken stated matter of factly as he put the astringent and gauze away. Looking over at Takaishi, Ken cocked an eyebrow behind his glasses as he walked towards the door, "Don't move too much or it might hurt more. And *don't* fall asleep." Turning his attention upon the Veggiemon waiting outside the doorway, he pointed in the general direction of Motomiya, "Untie the idiot. He should be able to keep his 'friend' awake while I'm busy." With that out of the way, he chuckled to himself and hurried off towards the monitor room. He wasn't going to miss this for anything.

Wormmon was waiting for him as usual when he reached his destination. Sometimes it amazed him at how damn loyal the bug could be, even with the instances of extreme annoyance, but right now he just didn't care. Launching himself over the arm of his throne, Ken settled back into the comfy padding and clicked on the medical room monitor. Ah, just in time.

Daisuke shot an obscene gesture at the Veggiemon as they left the room before staring mournfully down at his goggles. The strap was just too stretched out from the abuse to repair, he'd just have to buy a whole new strap. Dammit. Sighing, he pocketed the goggles before staring appraisingly over at Takeru. The boy wasn't looking to awful hot, and it was mostly his fault.

Feeling a pair of comforting hands settle on his shoulders, Takeru squinted up at a concerned looking Daisuke. "What?"

Daisuke frowned worriedly as he gazed down at his teammate. He didn't like how Takeru's didn't seem to be focusing on anything much at all, "How are you feeling?"

Letting his head fall back down, Takeru closed his weary eyes and simply answered, "Tired."

"Well don't fall asleep." Daisuke admonished as he started to gently rub Takeru's shoulders. "You heard what Ken said."

Takeru grinned weakly at that, "You're believing the Kaiser now?"

"If it involves your health... yeah, since I am sorta responsible for most of it," Daisuke coughed slightly in embarrassment. He smiled in relief a few moments later, taking Takeru's silence as a sign that the blonde didn't want to talk about it. He let his mind wander as he continued to massage his teammate's shoulders, his cheeks flushing a bit when it instantly went back to what Ken had done to him before going off to get Takeru. Hmm, how to ask *that*? "Uhm... Ken didn't... *do* anything to you... did he?"

Takeru blinked in confusion before tilting his head back to gaze up at Daisuke, "What are you talking about?"

Daisuke laughed weakly and let his eyes roam the room, focusing on anything and everything as long as it wasn't Takeru. "Uhm... well... you know... things..."

Shaking his head in abject confusion, Takeru scowled, "I have no idea what you're talking about Daisuke."

"Okay then, that's okay. I guess he didn't. No problem then," Daisuke grinned down at Takeru in relief. That was out of the way then. He watched the light glimmer on Takeru's blonde hair as the boy let his head fall back down and thought back on what had happened. He *had* enjoyed it, whether he liked that or not, it was the truth. And it had left him feeling somewhat, erm, antsy. He wanted... wanted... wanted more, or at least something along those lines, but going back to Ken for more wouldn't be very smart. Ken liked playing with them far too much to appease the part of him that was craving attention.

Takeru was really cute though, now that he really looked at the boy. And Takeru really needed to stay awake right now. And Daisuke really needed some relief right now. What better way to achieve both than seduce the blonde? In his haste to come to a solution for his more immediate problems, Daisuke conveniently forgot that he had *never* seduced anyone before.

Takeru was hovering somewhere between awake and asleep. Amazingly enough, Daisuke seemed to be pretty good at giving a massage and strangely enough it was actually keeping him awake. And Daisuke's hands were moving a bit lower now... and were lifting his shirt up? What the? "Daisuke, what are you doing?"

"Making sure you stay awake," Daisuke muttered hotly under his breath as he brushed his fingertips against Takeru's skin and trailed further down.

"Uh no," Takeru's squinted out of the corner of his eyes suspiciously. Daisuke couldn't possibly... could he? He shot out of the chair, injuries completely forgotten, upon feeling Daisuke's fingers slipping beneath his shorts. Whirling around, he glared at the other boy's oh so innocent expression, "What do you think you're doing?!?"

"Like I said, keeping you awake," Daisuke waved his hands nonchalantly as he walked around the chair. Frowning when Takeru backed away from him, he leaned forward and put his hands on his hip, "Come on Takeru, you're *cute*. Right now, I'd really like to show you how much I like how cute you are. *And* it will most definitely keep you awake."

This was not happening to him. This entire day was just a complete and utter nightmare. Any minute now, Takeru was going to wake up screaming his head off... any minute now... any minute... Gulping at the fact that he wasn't waking up, Takeru dodged when Daisuke lunged at him and ran for the door. Better to take his chances in the Kaiser's fortress than here with an obviously insane Daisuke.

"Takeru, where are you going?" Daisuke asked in exasperation and more than a bit of frustration as he watched Takeru head for the door. "You can't~" he blinked dumbly as the door opened at Takeru's insistence and the blonde pelted past the Veggiemon guards and down the hallway. "Ken left the door unlocked?"

"Of course I left the door unlocked," Ken snickered insanely as he watched his monitors. Wagging a finger at the image of a bewildered Daisuke on the main monitor, Ken continued as if he were speaking to a recalcitrant child, "You should know better. Strictly no playing with my toys."

Wormmon stared worriedly up at his Master. Ken had almost laughed himself hoarse from the scene that had played itself out in the medical room. It was just really odd for Ken to be in such a good mood, and the fact that Ken had left to door unlocked for the two boys was really, really strange. "Master, are you alright?"

"I'm perfectly fine, couldn't be better." Ken grinned down at his partner, shocking the little digimon even further. Waving his left hand at the screens, Ken laughed some more, "Motomiya is practically pushing Takaishi into my arms. It's absolutely perfect." Rising from his throne, Ken looked up at the monitor that held the fleeing form of the blonde figure he was about to claim. "Now, I am not to be disturbed. At all. Use the rest of the slaves to keep Motomiya busy if you have to." Turning on his heels, the Kaiser headed out with an extremely satisfied smirk gracing his lips, "I'm going to go fetch my prize."

Trying to catch his breath, Takeru leaned against the wall of some hallway he had managed to lose himself in and nearly fell down. The nerves in his ankle were literally screaming at him and he couldn't really move it that well anymore. His head was starting to the lose the blessed numbness and was starting to pound as if in sympathy to his ankle. Frankly, he was feeling worse than he had before, but at least he had lost Daisuke.

Looking back from whence he had come, Takeru smiled weakly at the fact that the hallway was completely and utterly empty. He could wait awhile until Daisuke rediscovered his sanity and then they could get out of here. That was a good plan. And since it was the only plan he could think of, Takeru supposed he would go with it. He needed to find someplace to sit down though, and soon. Staying out in the middle of everything wasn't a good idea, so a room with a chair or something was something to look for.

Hobbling his way down towards a bend in the hallway, Takeru sighed and wondered just what deity he had offended to have this day inflicted on him. He didn't notice really how his vision was starting to fade out around the edges, nor did he notice when he started falling. And Takeru most certainly didn't notice when something broke his fall before he hit the very hard metal floor.

The Kaiser smiled gently down at the boy who had literally passed out in his arms. This certainly put things off. But oh well, now he'd have the chance to make Takeru a bit more comfortable. Picking the blonde up, Ken didn't notice the fact that he had used the boy's given name in thought instead of the Takaishi surname.


It was different this time. The comforting darkness was warm for once and didn't carry the harsh edge of oncoming pain. It was rather comfortable actually. He was laying on something soft with something warm draped over him. The sensation was somewhat reminiscent of laying in bed which was a highly pleasant thought. Or it would have been if the memory of the past few hours hadn't decided to coming crashing down into the forefront of his mind at that particular moment. Cave in. Darkness. Falling. Cold water. Kaiser. Daisuke. Oh no.

Takeru snapped his eyes open as the reality of his predicament finally registered. He blanched at what he saw and felt. He was laying in a richly carved four poster bed, under black silken sheets and a thick maroon throw in a room lit only by a few candlesticks. Somebody had obviously removed *all* of his clothes because he could see where they had been tossed across the side table. This of course had probably been done by the boy who was straddling his stomach and gazing down at him with a highly amused expression.

The Kaiser smiled indulgently down at the blonde. Ken let a few moments pass, allowing the boy to gather what wits he could muster before asking, "Feeling better?"

Takeru blinked blankly at the question for a bit. He was feeling better actually. His head didn't ache, nor did it feel numb. It was strange. His ankle felt a little awkward, as if something had been tightly wrapped around it, but certainly not painful. Why exactly was Ichijouji concerned about his well being? An odd thought, that, and somewhat unsettling as well. "Yes..." he trailed off as the Kaiser leaned down closer to him.

"Well that's good to hear," Ken murmured softly as he pushed his hands into the fabric of the pillow on either side of the blonde's head to prop himself up. "Tell me Takeru," he started off, smiling at the faint blush his choice of names brought forth in the boy. "You always come off as the innocent one. So are you really?"

Takeru felt his cheeks heat up terribly in embarrassment followed swiftly by a bit of fear at the position he was in now. When someone asks about the state of your virginity they usually want to take it, especially when the person asking is of a decidedly evil nature. Narrowing his eyes dangerously, he glared up at the Kaiser, "You really can't keep your word can you?"

"I'll take that as a yes," Ken smirked as he reached up and pulled his glasses off, tossing them over to the other side of the bed. "This won't be bad," he continued as he sat back up, sliding his gloves off and tossing them over to join his glasses. "I at least know what I'm doing as opposed to your friend." Reaching up to undo the clasp to his cape, he smirked down at the grimace of distaste on the boy's face. "Oh yes, I saw that. Would you rather I leave you to the hormone induced machinations of Motomiya?" Tossing his cape off to the side along with his gloves and glasses, Ken leaned down to softly caress Takeru's cheek. "You will enjoy it Takeru, of that I can assure you. Tell me truthfully that you're not the least bit interested in what I'm offering and I'll leave you alone."

Takeru frowned thoughtfully at the question as he looked askance at the hand touching his cheek and sending delicate shivers down his spine. Oh, he was tempted. Who wouldn't be? Ichijouji might have been a sadistic bastard, but he was an extremely beautiful sadistic bastard. He'd be a fool not to have noticed that. And getting right down to it, the idea of doing certain things with the raven-haired boy was very appealing. But no, the good guys do *not* sleep with the enemy. No...

"You're thinking too hard about this Takeru," Ken murmured as he leaned down further and blew a kiss on the blonde's tempting lips. "Why don't I help you decide." With that said, he leaned down the rest of the way and pressed their lips together in a soft, inviting kiss.

After a moment's hesitation, Takeru closed his eyes and surrendered. Everybody else was losing their minds today, he might as well join them. He parted his lips as the kiss became a bit more demanding, allowing the Kaiser's questing tongue to delve within.

Ken took his time, teasing the boy's tongue with his own as he lazily ran his fingers through Takeru's golden blonde hair. Oh, this was going to definitely be worth the wait. He did ever so like being first. After having thoroughly given Takeru the best kiss the boy would probably ever have, Ken leaned back up, licking his lips as he reached down and drew the covers off of his prize. Oh yes, Takaishi Takeru was an utterly adorable work of art. Fate perhaps deeming it necessary to match the human up with his digital partner in looks. Even the Kaiser couldn't deny that the batpig was probably the cutest thing to ever walk the Digital World, but Takeru wasn't all that far behind.

Takeru hummed pleasantly as supple fingers brushed against his cheeks and down across his neck in a feather light touch. It felt good, very good, but he did want to know something before things got too far along for him to think much at all. Reaching up, he grabbed the Kaiser's wrists, preventing Ken from going any further *yet*, and asked, "Why? Why me? Why now? Why not somebody else?"

Ken shook off Takeru's grasp, leaned up and began shrugging out of his jumpsuit as he answered, "Because you're cute and I feel like it. Besides, how could I resist a boy who fell for me not once but twice?" He snickered at the blonde's obvious embarrassment from that particular line as he tossed his remaining clothes off to the side and pushed the covers the rest of the way off of Takeru. Stretching out on top of the boy below, he touched the tip of their noses together and smiled, "And can you really see me giving Motomiya what he wants?"

"Well when you put it like that," Takeru whimpered softly as Ken leaned over and began to lightly nibble on his right ear.

"Exactly," Ken murmured, his hot breath teasing against the blonde's ear as he trailed his hands down across Takeru's chest. Reaching the nipples, he pressed down against them with his thumbs and smirked as the boy shivered against his touch. Foreplay could be as much fun as the actual act, especially since Takeru was responding so well. He really should have tried seducing him sooner.

Takeru gasped at the heady sensations coursing through his blood as Ken trailed kisses across his jaw before going down further to suckle at his throat. The Kaiser was effortlessly producing an exquisite ache in his body, one that was starting to focus down below. It was an uncomfortable need that begged to be touched, to be appeased.

Ken slowly slid his tongue across the smooth skin of Takeru's chest and down to the boy's right nipple. He lapped at the erect nub of flesh, teasing it with his tongue before engulfing it with his lips. He grinned in satisfaction when Takeru's fingers hesitantly slid their way into his spiky hair as he trailed his hands lower across the blonde's body to kneed gently at the boy's thighs.

Takeru arched his back as Ken's fingers briefly grazed against his erection. Grimacing as the simmering ache within built up even further, Takeru knotted his fingers in the Kaiser's hair. He wanted, needed so much more right now than Ken was giving him.

Ken laughed outright as he separated himself from the boy, reaching up and pulling Takeru's fingers out of his hair. "Oh so eager," he purred as he sat back on his haunches, resting his fingers around the blonde's rather obvious need. "It would be ever so appealing to take you right now, but I'm afraid that this position will most likely jostle that ankle of yours." He smirked devilishly as he slid his left hand across Takeru's right hip. "Roll over."

Takeru's desire dimmed somewhat as he did as commanded. Oh, he knew what was coming next but he was a bit uncertain about it. His muscles tensed up slightly as Ken's hands settled comfortably on his lower cheeks and began to gently massage him. Frowning at himself for the typical virginal attitude, he asked, "Will it hurt?"

"Most likely," Ken smiled pleasantly as he enjoyed the feel of the soft flesh beneath his fingertips. "That tends to be true for the majority of first times for either gender. It won't last for long though and it certainly is worth the effort," he assured the blonde as he reached over to the side table and drew out some scented massage oil. Pouring out a generous amount, he leaned over and kneaded the lilac scented oil into the small of Takeru's back, urging the tense muscles to relax.

Takeru hummed in pleasure as Ken's fingers soothingly worked their way up his spine. He breathed in the gentle smell of the oil and smiled as Ken's lips briefly touched the back of his neck before the hands returned again to softly massage his lower cheeks.

Content that he had relaxed the boy enough to continue, Ken slid a finger down between Takeru's cheeks in search of the entrance he so desired at the moment. Upon finding it, he slowly rubbed the oil around it before carefully slipping his finger within. He softly stroked the flesh as the muscles tightened around his invasion and waited. When the muscles relaxed somewhat he slid another finger within and began to stretch the skin for the act that was to follow.

Takeru's breathing was ragged now, both from his own uncertainties and from the intimate nature of Ken's touch. At first it had been uncomfortable, but now it was starting to feel really, really good. He groaned when the fingers were removed and Ken grasped his hips, pulling him up to kneel before the Kaiser.

"Now we play," Ken murmured lightly as he positioned himself and slowly drove into the waiting body before him. He licked his lips, savoring the feel of the muscles spasming around his length and the muffled cry of pain it elicited from Takeru. He grinned as the boy's cries of pain turned into moans of pleasure as his erection stroked against the sweet spot waiting within. Sheathing himself fully, the Kaiser waited a single moment before drawing back and then thrusting forward again into the boy's welcoming heat.

Mouth agape and glistening tear tracks already beginning to dry on his cheeks, Takeru began to unconsciously push back against Ken's rhythmic invasion. He groaned deep in his throat as a particularly well placed thrust sent his nerves sparking in abject pleasure. It felt *so* good, better than he had imagined.

Feeling his peak drawing close, Ken reached down and wrapped his fingers around the boy's pulsing length. Closing his eyes, he sped up the pace of his thrusts and began to stroke Takeru in accompaniment. It wasn't long before he felt the telltale signs of the boy's oncoming orgasm, the tensing of muscles both within and with out. Preparing himself for his own, Ken grasped Takeru's hips in an iron grip and thrust deep and hard into the boy.

All that Takeru could managed was a tortured whimper before the pleasure overloaded his senses, freezing him in place as his body reached its release. He was vaguely aware of the Kaiser shooting off within him before he collapsed bonelessly onto the bed, the weight of Ken's body soon settling comfortably over him.

Several minutes passed before Ken placed a soft kiss on the back of Takeru's neck and then rolled off of the boy. He sighed contentedly in the afterglow. That had been absolutely exquisite and well worth the trouble. What a wonderful day this had turned out to be.


Daisuke viciously kicked the drab metal wall of yet another generic hallway he had managed to get himself lost in. He had been looking for Takeru for *hours* and had yet to find his injured teammate. He was equally frustrated and worried about his friend and it was about to drive him insane. There had been no sign of Ken either, which was really odd and he didn't know what to make of it. And on top of everything else, he was starting to get hungry.

Hearing a clop-clopping sound that was entirely out of place, Daisuke whirled around and gulped as he came face to face with a ringed Unimon. Oh crap. He was about to make a run for it when he looked further and saw an incredibly amused Kaiser grinning down at him from atop the digimon and behind him sat an amazingly intact Takeru.

"Looking for something?" Ken asked in good humor as he slid off of his slave. A simple motion of his hand indicated that Takeru should stay put. "I'm in such a good mood today, Daisuke," Ken started off as he sauntered up to the goggle boy, "That I'm just going to let you go." He smirked at Daisuke's blank look of surprise, resisting the awful urge to giggle. What was it about Motomiya that made him want to giggle all the time? Making a sweeping gesture back towards his slave, he continued, "In fact, feel free to remove the ring once you rejoin your friends. It won't make much of a difference anyway." He poked Daisuke in the forehead to emphasize his jab before laughing and strolling off down the hallway.

Daisuke growled sulfurously at that before running over towards the Unimon. He looked up worriedly at Takeru and asked, "Are you okay? He didn't do anything did he?"

"I'm fine," Takeru looked away uncomfortably. "Let's just get out of here before he changes his mind." Reaching down, he offered a hand to help Daisuke up.

Daisuke frowned as he took Takeru's proffered hand and hauled himself up on top of the digimon. Was it his imagination or was Takeru avoiding the subject of Ken? And why had Takeru winced when he had upset the blonde's balance slightly when he was climbing up? Too weird. "Okay, let's just go." He could ask questions later when they were far, far away from the Kaiser.


Ken hummed pleasantly as he settled back into his throne and watched the Unimon fly off into the distance on the main monitor. He couldn't help but grin when the earlier recording finished rewinding and popped the video tape out on cue. Rising lazily from his comfortable sprawl, he walked over and yanked the tape out. He laughed as he gazed down at the innocent appearing black cassette. It would be such fun blackmailing darling Takeru with the proof of their earlier fun. And it just wouldn't be him if he didn't take advantage of it.


AUTHOR'S NOTES: A friend mentioned the fact that having Takeru running on his ankle seemed kind of odd. Given enough adrenaline a person can run on sprains, torn ligaments and so on (I'm actually speaking from experience here ^_^). And well, Daisuke coming on to the poor dear was more unsettling for him than the prospect of the Kaiser capturing him.