Sinister Remnant
Part 1 - Lady Killer
by Meimi


Standard disclaimers apply.

SPOILER WARNING: Spoilers for all of 02 except the epilogue.

YAOI WARNING: Erm... hmm, well there's going to be boy x boy stuff all throughout this fic, but I doubt it will get explicit. I don't really want to call it shonen ai though, because there's not going to be much WAFF at -all- in this fic. Just loads and loads of angst.

OVERALL WARNING: There are a lot of bad things that are going to happen in this fic. I'm not going to tell you just what though. Rest assured though that the 'R' rating will be well earned by the time I'm finished with this. Basically, I'm going to be twisting things a great deal. You have been warned.


Ever since the Kaiser's fall from grace, Daisuke had always been a constant presence in Ken's life. The boy had an extremely contagious love for life that was nigh impossible to ignore. And ignoring Daisuke -was- impossible as he tended to be all over his friends whenever one of them was present. Frankly, the way he always seemed to molest Ken even led to Ken's mother asking whether they were lovers or not. They weren't. Oh, they could have been, Ken was at least attracted to Daisuke, but Ken also knew that they both had atrocious bad timing when it came to things like that and well... nothing ever happened.

They were just friends, the best of friends. But even with all the time they had been together as friends, there were still times when Daisuke completely baffled Ken. Like now, for instance.

Ken sat on his desk chair, the back facing the actual desk at the moment. His legs were stretched out in front of him, crossed at the ankles. His arms were also crossed and he just sat there staring down at Daisuke, who was sprawled out on the floor. He was trying to digest what his best friend had just told him. A truly difficult task.

It was summer break and Ken's parents had gone off on a week's vacation for their anniversary. His mother, being the worrywart that she was, had asked Daisuke's parents if he could spend the week at the apartment with Ken. "So Ken won't have to be all by himself," she had explained. Daisuke's parents had agreed, much to Daisuke's delight. And ever since the first day he'd been going out every night partying. Not much of a surprise there.

The surprise, of course, had been the fact that he hadn't been able to drag Ken with him. Ken had cram school during the break. Not much had really changed since his parents found out about Wormmon and the digital world. His mother was still insistent that he get a 'stellar' education, though she didn't push it quite as much as she used to. He didn't really mind though, it was something to pass the time.

Sighing, mainly at the puppy-dog-seeking-approval look that Daisuke was giving him, Ken finally asked, "So let me get this straight. You went to a rave?"

"Uhuh." Daisuke nodded eagerly, managing to reinforce the puppy-dog impression running around in Ken's mind even more by his exuberance.

"And you met a girl there?" Ken plowed onward, trying his best to apply some form of logic to what Daisuke was trying to tell him. He wasn't having much success.

"Oh yeah, she's -amazing-!" Daisuke literally had stars in his eyes. He was about to elaborate on this when Ken raised a hand to stop him from going any further.

Ken closed his eyes, feeling somewhat ill at Daisuke's obvious infatuation with this unnamed girl. Okay, so maybe they hadn't gotten anywhere other than being best friends. And so what if Daisuke was still interested in girls. He did not need this fact driven home. Pinning Daisuke with a rather derisive glare which the other boy misinterpreted entirely, Ken asked sarcastically, "Ri~ight, and she -bit- you?"

Daisuke blinked blankly, then grimaced as he reached up to scratch at the little pinprick teeth marks on his neck. "Er... yeah, that was kinda creepy actually," he said almost self-consciously.

"And you want to see her -again-?" Ken asked in disbelief. He rolled his eyes heavenward when Daisuke just nodded cheerfully up at him in confirmation. "Are you nuts?"

"Ke~en," Daisuke whined as his friend glared down at him. "She's gorgeous, I'd be nuts not to follow this up! You have to come with me! You have got to see this babe! She has this amazing figure-" he waved his hands around in the air to indicate the shape of an hourglass.

"Stop!" Ken threw his hands up in protest as he leaned forward in the chair. "I don't want to hear this!"

"Aw, come on Ken. Aren't you the least bit interested in girls?" Daisuke whined some more. He really wanted to get Ken to go with him to the rave that night. And he really, really wanted to see what Ken would be like drunk or maybe even on some X. That -was- an interesting thought...

Smirking, Ken leaned back in his chair and recrossed his arms over his chest. "No, as a matter of fact I'm not -in the least- bit interested."

"All right, fine!" Daisuke growled as he gestured in annoyance at nothing in particular. "You're gay. We'll ask her if she has a twin brother."

Ken glared stonily down at Daisuke. He dug furrows into his palms as he curled his hands up into fists. At this very moment, it was becoming damned difficult to ignore the urges to commit violence and release the rage that Daisuke has summoned up oh so flippantly. Clenching his teeth together, he hissed out, "I should kill you right now for that." Attraction be damned to the depths of hell.

"But you love me," Daisuke grinned cheekily and batted his eyelashes. Sometimes Ken could be such a moody bastard, but at least he always melted to the patented Motomiya charm.

"Argh! I hate it when you do that!" Ken snarled as he flew up out of the chair and stalked towards the bedroom door. It was just like Daisuke to piss him off and then unknowingly attempt to turn him on. He wasn't buying into it this time though. No, he was not going out to watch Daisuke drool over a -girl- of all things. Upon reaching the door, he whirled around and pointed at Daisuke resolutely. "I am not going and that is final."

"Fine! Be that way! Miss out on all the fun," Daisuke grumped, waiting until Ken had left and closed the door behind him before flopping back onto the floor. Well, that hadn't gone very well but at least he'd managed to keep Ken from killing him. Still...

Daisuke rolled over onto his side and pouted for all he was worth. He really wanted to get Ken out to party with him some. Let Ken have a little fun, get a little loose, let -things- take their course. But Ken seemed resistant to anything he suggested. It was highly frustrating. He really, really liked Ken and in that way. But, they never seemed to get anywhere at -all-.

He hated it... hated it, hated it, hated it, hated it!

In fact, that was the reason he had gotten interested in that girl in the first place. At the rave, she had ghosted out of the crowds and his jaw had literally dropped. Her hair had been colored a dark, dark, dark purple. The instant Daisuke had seen it he had wanted to bury his face in it. It had looked so much like Ken's. Sumire, as her name had turned out to be, hadn't been adverse to that, not at all.

Sighing, Daisuke rolled back onto his back and stared morosely at the ceiling. If he couldn't have the real thing... then an exotic girl that bore a passing resemblance was better than nothing.


When dusk began to fall, Ken was fully ensconced on the living room couch with his school work. His study habits were perhaps the one thing that had changed the most since his time as the Kaiser. He couldn't just look at something anymore and instantly burn it permanently into his memory. No, he did not have a natural photographic memory. Instead, he had to study and study and study and -study- some more to fully grasp the knowledge that had once been so easy to retain.

But, for all that the dark seed had enhanced in him, when it had gone dormant he had been utterly delighted at what he had discovered. His ability to problem solve, the 'inventive genius' as Koushirou had once referred to it, was still there. He still had it and it was all his. He had never and would never be perfect, but at least he wasn't completely useless either.

So after the short succession of being utterly baffled, completely infuriated and mildly turned on by Daisuke, Ken had instantly buried himself in his studies. Books were easier to understand than Daisuke. Hell, they were easier to understand than his own emotions.

It wasn't until he heard something shuffling around in the hallway that he finally looked up and paid attention to the world around him. Glancing over at the front window, he noted the late hour and figured Daisuke must be getting ready to go out partying. After all, it couldn't be Wormmon since all of the digimon were in the digital world right now. Even without the fear of being found out about now, sometimes they just all wanted to go back for awhile.

Nonetheless, Ken wasn't quite prepared for when Daisuke finally emerged from his primping. Daisuke was dressed for sex. There was no other way to put it. He was wearing a pair of skin-tight black jeans. Ken highly doubted that he could sit down in them much less squat down. There was a band of white material running down on the outside of each pants leg. Ken surmised they were there for effect under the black lights. Over that, Daisuke wore a simple, ribbed, long-sleeved cotton shirt that was almost as tight as the jeans. It didn't quite reach the hem of the jeans either. Daisuke's tanned skin stood out amazingly well against the white... and yes, that was Daisuke's bellybutton that Ken was seeing. He didn't have his goggles on though, probably didn't want them to get stolen when he was... indisposed.

All in all, Ken was having an extremely difficult time maintaining a cool exterior in the face of Daisuke's ever so simple sensuality. He would -not- give Daisuke the satisfaction of knowing the effect he was having on him, though. Most especially not with that oh so innocent smirk that Daisuke was giving him.

Leaning casually up against the wall, Daisuke quirked an eyebrow as he announced, "I'm about ready to head out."

"I can see that," Ken replied blandly. He was not going to be affected by this. No, he wouldn't allow it. Narrowing his eyes in an attempt to ignore the images popping up in his mind of what it would be like to peel Daisuke out of those clothes, Ken warned, "Don't do anything stupid."

Daisuke pasted a faux wounded expression on his face. "I don't know what you're talking about Ken." Patting the right pocket of his jeans, he smirked as he continued, "I'm carrying protection."

"Ugh! Forget it. I don't know you," Ken grimaced and rolled his eyes before returning his full attention to his books. If Daisuke wanted nothing to do with his concern, well, then that was fine with him.

Daisuke ground his teeth together at Ken's blatantly obvious brush off. It figures. Well, if that's how Ken wanted to be, he could play this game too. "Yeah, you have a good night Ken... with your books. I'll be back in the morning to call the police to come get your body for when you die of boredom," Daisuke waved flippantly as he sauntered towards the front door. He was going to enjoy himself tonight, he was going to forget Ken ever existed for a few hours, even if it killed him.

Wincing at the sound of the front door slamming shut, Ken leaned back on the couch and reached up to massage his temple. This was getting so out of hand, they were sniping at each other over the stupidest stuff. Maybe he should talk to one of the others about this... Takeru, maybe. The blonde always seemed to have some good advice stored up for sticky situations like this.


Daisuke's mood had improved greatly by the time he strolled into the waterfront district. All thoughts of Ken, and the subsequent situation with Ken, had been pushed to the back of his mind. Instead, he was thinking of loud music, lots of dancing, possibly getting high and definitely getting it on with a pretty girl who had seemed more than willing the previous night.

The alleyways were quite dark, it was typical as far as this area went at night. There were only a scant few streetlights placed amongst the maze of warehouses. After all, most of the business went on during the day. Why waste electricity on something that wasn't really needed? Of course, that just attracted the ravers even more. The dark, abandoned quality of the area appealed to their instinctual need to be a little bit different than the norm, the usual.

He could feel the music even before the warehouse of choice came into view. The bass thrummed through the ground and his blood pumped faster in accompaniment. This is what he craved, the thrill of the music, the mindlessness of the dance, where a person could forget every single care in the world for the span of a few hours.

A familiar figure was lounging against the metal walls near the entrance. It was one of the regulars who had taken a shining to him, perhaps to get in his pants, perhaps just to be friendly. The boy with short, messy brown hair was dressed as usual: in an enormous pair of baggy pants that could easily pass as a skirt and a simple white t-shirt with Pacman emblazoned on its front. The boy noticed him and waved, in his hand he held a smoke that didn't look to be legal. "Hey man," the boy called out, then gave Daisuke a once over when he came into the light. "Dude, where are your phat pants? Damn, that looks uncomfortable as hell."

"Don't worry," Daisuke drawled, grabbing the boy's hand and taking a drag on the smoke. He savored the sweet, light smell of it and briefly noted the boy's emerald-green painted nails. "I won't be wearing them for long."

"Oh, you're gonna get some tonight huh?" the boy smirked as he asked. Taking a slow drag, he waved Daisuke towards the door. "Don't do anything I wouldn't do man."

"That leaves me a lot of room to maneuver in, Limey," Daisuke chuckled as he walked into what seemed like another reality altogether. The music is what registers first, it's loud and has an unending beat that makes it impossible for the body to refuse getting out on the floor and dancing itself into exhaustion. Next is the people, countless numbers packed into one room like sardines in a tin can: most dancing, some bumming, but always moving to the music. And last is the lights, enough to see by, but dark enough to light every single piece of clothing with white in it with an eerie phosphorescent glow.

Daisuke slid within the crush of people, letting the music and the bodies take him where they would. He was groped and felt up by both the familiar and the unfamiliar and returned the favor on others. He wasn't sure how much time had passed like this until a woman pressed her body up against his back and whispered into his ear, "Hello Daisuke, I knew you'd be here."

Ignoring the fact that it was physically impossible for someone to whisper and for him to hear it in this noise, Daisuke turned around and froze. For a single terrifying moment, all he saw was a slanted eye mask, pointed at the nose and stylized with batwings at the ears. All that went through his mind in that moment were memories of Vamdemon, who had terrorized Ken through Oikawa, abused the dreams of children and in the end had endangered both worlds with his evil.

When he blinked, the mask was pushed back by lithe fingers and glittering blue eyes looked up at him in the dark. Sumire. She smiled gamely as she pushed the mask back onto her hair and Daisuke could now see that there were white feathers sticking out from behind the wings. How odd. She was wearing a flapper dress with strings of clear beads and silvery metal hanging down over a simple white material that barely made it to mid-thigh. Her smile widened in satisfaction at his admiring stare. "I got you something," she purred as she held up her right hand, a small aspirin-sized pink pill held between her fingers. "Come roll with me tonight, Daisuke. I assure you it will be an unforgettable experience."

Daisuke accepted the little pill without hesitation. Who was he to turn down an offer like that? After swiftly swallowing it, he leaned over her and ran his hands languidly through her long, loose purple hair. She chuckled and wrapped her arms around him, allowing him this as they both waited for the X to kick in. It didn't seem to take long at all. One minute he was hot, sweaty and horny and the next he could not live without her hands on him.

Again, Daisuke heard her throaty chuckle as she led him out, away from the people, away from the music, to somewhere else. He wasn't sure exactly where she led him. She didn't allow him much time to pay attention to their surrounding, instead filling his mind with a constant barrage a teasing caresses that left him wanting to scream in abject frustration.

And finally, she pushed him up against a wall...

He would later remember that while the wall was chill to the touch, it was also grainy, feeling as if it were made of brick. They were inside somewhere, though he could barely remember leaving the rave much less leaving the streets for another place. Instead, for now, he paid more attention to what -she- was doing than where he was. Her hands seemed to be everywhere at once, touching him in places he wished a certain other would, but that was neither here nor there. Her lips were on his throat, hot and soft where she nuzzled him.

And then there was pain...

The effects of the drugs were gone. His arousal at being with a girl who resembled someone else he would rather be with was gone. All that was left was pure agony digging into his throat and stealing away his very life. He had barely had time to lift a hand to push her away when his knees gave out on him. She followed him as he sank to the ground, too weak to stand, too weak to fight. So fast...

Daisuke had just enough strength left to keep his eyes open when she finally drew back from him, but that was all. She licked her lips, sated, and patted him on the cheek. "I haven't had such a feast in a good while. Thank you for that, pet."

She cocked her head to the side as he tried to speak and failed. "Don't worry, pretty," she murmured as she leaned forward, holding her hand just above his heart. "Don't think I'd waste all this effort for a simple bite." She grinned knowingly when he blinked at her, not comprehending anything of what she was saying. "This was all for your benefit, Daisuke. You see," she explained as the hand she held above his heart began to glow with a reddish hue, "you will take me to the Master and in return I will give you eternity."

Daisuke could feel himself falling back into unconsciousness as her words scattered around his mind like dead leaves to the wind. What did she mean? He was going to die like this. He was going to die alone, murdered by someone that he had settled on, instead of not being stupid for once and at least trying to get somewhere with Ken. Strange glyphs glowed crimson in his mind's eye as he slipped further away. Too little too late, wasn't it?

And then there was only darkness...


In the morning, Ken woke to an empty apartment. When he opened his eyes, he just knew that Daisuke had not returned during the night. How this knowledge had come to him, he wasn't sure. He just knew it to be true.

Sighing soundlessly at the nagging thought of Daisuke truly disliking him this much, Ken sat up in bed. That wasn't true. They were best friends, even best friends fight sometimes. Right? His hair flowed across his shoulders as he hung his head and looked down at the floor. In the wan morning light, the futon Daisuke had been using the past few nights lay undisturbed. It was exactly the same as it had been when he had laid it out the night before.

Shaking his head, Ken climbed down off of his bed and simply stood there for several minutes staring down at the bedding. Nothing much ran through his mind during this time, just the fact that Daisuke wasn't there, the ever important fact that Daisuke had not come home.

Finally, feeling somewhat ridiculous for it, Ken bent to the task of rolling the unused futon up and putting it away. If... -when- Daisuke returned he could sleep in Ken's bed. When he was finished with that, Ken also went through the usual rituals of getting dressed and so forth for the day ahead.

Satisfied that he at least physically looked presentable, Ken opened his bedroom door and ventured out into the hallway. The apartment was silent. It was a silence he didn't care for, hollow, empty and dead to the ears. His parent's room was as untouched as the day they had left and the living room showed no signs that anyone had come through it during the night. Reality confirmed what Ken had known all along.

Daisuke had not come home. Why?

Ken leaned helplessly against the living room wall as the worry came hard and fast. It was heavy and thick and made him feel somewhat sick to his stomach. Had something happened to Daisuke? What could he do? How could he find out? There was no possible way he could find out unless someone called him.

Or, perhaps Daisuke had decided his company wasn't worth the trouble. They had been fighting so much of late, maybe yesterday's arguments had been the final straw. Maybe... maybe Daisuke was tired of him.

It was an unpleasant thought, but he couldn't shake it. He hadn't exactly been acting like the wicked witch of the west. But, there had been times where he'd secretly wished to have his whip of old back so that he could beat -some- sense into Daisuke's hide.

And that thought scared him almost as much as the thought that Daisuke might have been hurt during the night did. Yes, it was high time he talked to someone about this particular problem.

With that decided, Ken pushed off from the wall and headed over towards the phone. Hopefully, Takeru wouldn't mind meeting him somewhere for lunch. He didn't think any of the others would be much help. And, at least he'd be too busy trying to explain things to really think about just -why- Daisuke hadn't returned.


Daisuke's entire world consisted of pain and darkness. Agony unlike anything he had ever experienced before coursed through his veins at nigh impossible speeds. Every single cell in his body screamed at him in a cacophony of death dirges that drowned out everything else. And the darkness, the darkness was unending. It was neither velvet or ebony or any of the many words used to describe it in writing. It was simply -everything-.

While his body was suspended in this world of pain, within his mind dark things, unpleasant things skittered about. Petty jealousies bumped up against imagined slights as they all tried to take root in different places than where they had previously belonged. The shadows deepened, memories twisted slightly in the new crimson light shining from the dark places that were forming in his mind. Hatred blossomed from distaste, embarrassment crumbled into resentment and half formed wants turned into possessive desires.

He wanted... he wanted... What did he want?

Another Daisuke shouldered his way through the muddled mess of thoughts and memories. This Daisuke wasn't afraid to speak out of turn. This Daisuke wasn't worried with pathetic shyness. This Daisuke knew exactly what he wanted. This Daisuke told him to get the fuck up off of the ground and return home to Ken's. That's where he belonged after all.

The darkness shifted as Daisuke attempted to move something. The other Daisuke made a hell of a lot of sense, so get up, he would. A sensation of taste flashed through the chaos of his mind. He had managed to move his tongue. The taste was metallic and odd, but it was something other than the darkness, something other than the pain.

The darkness shifted again, and then faded altogether as he opened his eyes. At first, all that registered was a play of shadows and light, much like what existed within his mind at the moment. Slowly, they resolved themselves into the image of an empty brick room the size of Ken's apartment. The floor was made up of immaculately clean, multicolored tiles that seemed to make an image that escaped him. It was just more chaos to add to the pile. A bank of windows were set high on the right wall, though he was laying in the shade.

These images all passed through Daisuke's mind and went somewhere else. He thought little of where he was, of why he was there in the first place or what might have happened to him to get him there. Instead, there was a terrible urge to go home to Ken's. That was all that mattered.

Hauling himself up, Daisuke walked haltingly into the sunlight filtering down from the windows and shrieked in pain. He fell away from the light, back into the shadows and retched as his stomach finally decided that it had had enough. All that came up was red-tinged bile, but still it left him shaking in its wake.

He lay there in the shadows, waiting for at least the shaking to pass because somehow he knew it would be awhile yet for the pain to dim. After several minutes, a tingling emerged within his mind. His right foot felt almost as if it was on fire and yet, for some reason that didn't bother him. Sitting up slowly, he vaguely noted that his foot was still in the sunlight. It hurt. It burned it. It ached. He was surprised it didn't burst into flames. But, after a moment's thought, it was tolerable when compared to the agony of before.

Experimentally, he stuck his right hand forward into the light and was strangely unsurprised when it began to burn as well. The skin did not blister, and yet it felt as if a flame were licking over it. But it too was tolerable. Sunlight was pain. But it could be endured.

He -had- to get home to Ken.


It was late afternoon by the time Ken returned to his apartment building. The -talk- with Takeru had ended up being rather frustrating. He did so hate it when somebody else seemed to know something that was oh so obvious to them but not to him and they wouldn't tell him what it was. Takeru had been nice about it and all, had told him he should probably tell Daisuke that he was uncomfortable about certain things in their relationship. But, Takeru had been of the mind that Daisuke had his -reasons- for being so prickly of late, but refused to voice them to Ken... Wonderful, now he wanted to take a whip to Takeru too. Ugh.

Scowling at the very thought, Ken unlocked his front door and pushed it open. Upon stepping inside, he instantly knew that Daisuke was back. Again, it was something he just knew. Though, the black sneakers piled up in the corner beside the door only helped to confirm this. Daisuke was home.

Daisuke was home. Daisuke was home. Daisuke was home.

Ken could not contain the silly little grin that arose from the abject relief he felt at knowing this. Daisuke was home and now everything would be fine.

"Daisuke?" he called out as he slipped off his shoes and put on his house shoes. No answer came. Frowning, he closed the front door and ventured down the hallway. "Daisuke?" Still no answer came. The worry was back now, fresh and raw. Was something wrong? Why wasn't Daisuke answering him?

"Daisuke..." his voice faded to a whisper as he opened his bedroom door and saw the telltale lump up on his bed. Oh, that explained the not answering bit then. Daisuke was asleep on his bed. Shaking his head in bemusement, he walked quietly over to the bed and climbed up the ladder.

Daisuke was laying on his side, his face to the wall where Ken couldn't see it. The covers had been tossed over him haphazardly as if in a rush. He had probably been too tired to really pay attention to anything.

Ken was loathe to wake Daisuke up, but some odd thought was urging him to do so... just to be sure. He didn't know why he needed to do this, Daisuke appeared to be fine, but the thought just wouldn't leave him alone. Leaning forward, he gently shook Daisuke's leg and called out, "Daisuke? Daisuke? Daisuke, are you all right?"

"Mmmm," Daisuke groaned as he clawed his way to consciousness through the web of shadows that his mind had become. Someone was calling him, someone important. It took him a moment to remember how to make his ears work again, and then he heard that voice. It was a wonderful voice that made him warm inside, one that he knew quite well. The other Daisuke surfaced for a moment to inform him that the voice belonged to him, because the person who possessed it belonged to him. Strange, he didn't remember owning anybody. The other Daisuke rolled his eyes at him and told him in no uncertain conditions that since it belonged to Ken, it belonged to him because Ken was his and his alone. Ken was his? The other Daisuke shook his head and told him to quit being an idiot and to answer Ken already. Bewildered, Daisuke obeyed and told his tongue to work properly so that he could ask, "What is it?"

Ken frowned. Something just seemed to be off with Daisuke. And yet, he couldn't determine just what it was. "Daisuke, are you okay?" he asked again in growing concern.

"Mm fine," Daisuke slurred as he answered instinctively. Never, ever ever make Ken concerned about you. The other Daisuke beat him with this thought repeatedly. Ken getting worried about him was a bad thing, this both Daisukes agreed on. "Just tired is all," he continued as his nose caught something odd. Something about Ken smelled odd.

"Are you sure?" Ken asked slightly in disbelief. Daisuke didn't -seem- all right to him. Then again, maybe he was just imagining things because of his earlier worry.

"Yes, I'm fine. I just need some sleep," Daisuke answered a little bit more coherently than last time. He couldn't quite place the smell yet, but the other Daisuke was growling in response to it. The smell was familiar, though he had never really known about just what it was before. It belonged to someone else. This scent belonged to Takeru. Ken smelled like Takeru. Why?

"Well, all right. I'll let you sleep then. Sleep well, Daisuke," Ken murmured as he drew back. He silently watched Daisuke for a moment before climbing down the ladder and heading out of his bedroom. Something was wrong, but damned if he couldn't figure out what it was. Maybe he was just being oversensitive. Maybe.

Daisuke winced as he fell back into his own mind. The other Daisuke followed angrily on his heels. He seemed awfully ticked off at the fact that he could smell Takeru on Ken. Nevermind the fact that he shouldn't have been able to do that. But, Ken belonged to him. Or at least, that's what the other Daisuke kept saying.

Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine. Mine.


Much later, Ken again found himself seated on the living room couch and surrounded by his textbooks. The sun had recently set, he had watched it go down with mounting unease. He didn't know the why of it, but something was completely and utterly wrong. And, it was something to do with Daisuke.

Ken sat there, staring at nothing in particular as he tried to fathom -why- he thought this way. Asides from the fact that Daisuke had come home much later than usual, his feelings were practically unexplainable. But, he couldn't dismiss them no matter how hard he tried. Something was wrong. Something he couldn't explain. But, he knew it was wrong nonetheless. What could it be?

It was as he was pondering this that a very loud crash reverberated throughout the apartment. It had come from his bedroom. Ken darted up off of the couch and into the hallway. It seemed as if his concerns had just been confirmed.

"Daisuke?!?" Ken called out desperately as he reached his bedroom door and pushed it open onto complete darkness. "Daisuke? Answer me!" he called out again as he flipped the light switch on. Darkness still. Scowling at the light failure, Ken walked into the dark, peering around in hopes that he could see something. "Daisuke?" His voice trembled at the last. The darkness unnerved him and the fact that Daisuke had yet to answer him disturbed him. What was wrong?

"Right here." A cold, steel grip latched onto Ken's wrist at those words. Ken whipped his head around and glared into the dark. The voice sounded somewhat like Daisuke, but it echoed oddly.

"Daisuke?" Ken asked hesitantly. He pulled on his trapped wrist, but the grip would not give way. What was going on? He froze then as crimson-red pupils glowed out of the blackness at him. This wasn't Daisuke. This couldn't be Daisuke.

"I told you I'm right here," the voice purred out at him. "I'm terribly hungry though." It informed him. Ken only had a fraction of a second to blink at that statement before he was yanked forward against someone. Daisuke? An arm wrapped around his shoulders and he felt a warm breath on his throat. What was~? Then fire dug its way into his neck and Ken could think of nothing else but pain.

A scream of agony choked within Ken's throat, stopped in its tracks as a wave of weakness consumed him impossibly fast. His knees gave out on him, but it didn't seem to bother the other. Daisuke? Whoever it was had no trouble supporting his weight. Unable to do anything else and swiftly losing whatever strength he had had, Ken allowed his head to fall against his attacker's shoulder and closed his eyes. What could he do? Daisuke?

He must have passed out some time during the attack, because when next Ken knew anything he was laid out on the floor and incredibly weak. His thoughts were scattered, he just could not hold onto any of them. Daisuke? He could feel hands on him now. Hands that gently stroked across his bare skin. His shirt had been... unbuttoned, it felt like. What was going on?

"You're so beautiful. Did I ever tell you that?" the voice spoke out of the darkness, startling the vague quality of Ken's mind. Who? A red, glowing pair of eyes descended out of the darkness to hover above his face for a moment. "I'm not sure if I ever did, but it's true anyway," the voice murmured on before the eyes dipped down and he felt something press against his lips. A kiss?

Ken closed his eyes as he felt those hands venture lower. Who was this? This was wrong. This was all wrong. His thoughts scattered around the new dawning fear of just -what- was happening. No, this was not happening. This was not happening to him. What -had- happened? What was this?!?

"Please stop," Ken whispered before the terrible weakness scattered his thoughts again.


That's a good place to end it, don't you think? *whistles innocently* Poor Ken, I'm so gonna abuse him in this fic. And Daisuke... but I've abused him some already. Yeah, I know. Me, writing a Kensuke/Daiken? Am I sick or something? I am actually, but that's beside the point. The plot bunny emerged, so write it I must. And no, I don't do drugs or go to raves. I just know somebody who does and I wanted to make it somewhat believable. I'm not saying they're good or bad. In fact, my own opinions upon either have no relevance to the story at hand. That being said, hope you liked. ^_^