Mabis here, with another one of my html challenged websites, this time dedicated to Jou and Koushirou of Digimon Adventure.  
There are two reasons for this site.  One, I'm a rabid fangirl of both Jou and Koushirou,
and two, there just aren't enough websites dedicated to these two.  What I find really
disheartening, though, is the fact that a lot of the time, Jou fans are not very big fans
of Koushirou, and vice versa.  So, I present what could be the first and only website
that pays tribute to both Jou and Koushirou, the two best characters in Digimon.
One more thing, the title of the site is from really bad translations of Japanese fanfiction
featuring Jou and Koushirou, which call them Mr. Height and Photon boy, respectively.
And about the background, as the season 1 Japanese opening is called "Butterfly," I
found it nicely fitting to go with a butterfly background.  (And also because I liked it.)

Warning:  As this site deals with just about everything Jou and Koushirou, it will
also deal with Joushirou.  So, even though this is primarily a Jou and Koushirou
shrine, it will have, oh heck, it's also a Joushirou/Koujou shrine.  Yes, that is
a yaoi, or, more correctly, shounen-ai, relationship.  For those not in the know,
yaoi and shounen-ai deals with boy x boy relationships.  If you don't particularly
like that pairing, there is plenty other stuff to see.

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*Kido Jou*
Mini-shrine to Jou

*Izumi Koushirou*
Mini-shrine to Koushirou

*Gomamon & Tentomon*
Because without them, Jou and Koushirou
would've never survived the Digital world.

*Character Guide/Rant*
Guide to everyone else in Digimon.  Yes, there
are other people besides Jou and Koushirou.

*Couples Guide/Rant*
Covers every pairing of Jou and Koushirou possible,
and yes, including Joushirou.

*Other Musings*
Basically, any other thoughts/rants/etc. I feel the need to post.
And yes, these are my opinions and my opinions only.

*Kido-Izumi Iori*
Jou and Koushirou's child from the future.
(aka fangirlism run rampant)

All the images of Jou and Koushirou you
can shake a kendo stick at.

*Special Epilogue Section*
Yes, Toei Animation was on crack when they
made it.  I try my best to explain what actually happened.

Stories featuring Jou and/or Koushirou.

I can't draw, but other people can.

Scans of my doujinshi collection featuring Jou and/or
Koushirou.  *drool over artwork*

Guidelines for contributing works to the site.

Stuff I've collected from around the net,
also fun stuff you can get from me.

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       Disclaimer: Digimon Adventure and everything related is owned by Toei Animation,
not me.  This is simply a fan site that gets its kicks by biting the hand that feeds it.