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The games vs. Digimon Tamers canon issue - A recent revelation in the May 2002 issue of V-Jump revealed that the Ryo in the games and the anime are one and the same. The following is a translation of it:

Q: Are the Ryo who appeared in 02 and the Ryo who appears in Digimon Tamers related?
(reader's question)
A: They are the same person. Simply put, Ryo was flown beyond space-time as soon as he defeated Millenniumon in D-1 Tamers, and he lost his memory. And this is why he encountered Takato and the others.
(Digimon producer, Seki Hiromi-san speaks)

Whether you believe words straight from the producer herself or not is entirely up to you. Along the lines of this I've written out a hypothesis on the modified version of the Everett-Wheeler many-worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics and many-worlds theory that was evidently used in both Brave Tamer and the special V-Tamer issues with Daisuke and Ryo. That will be available once I have the time to rewrite it to better suit this site.

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