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Japanese links - (why so many doumei? Because they act like webrings.)

Hey, a Ryo-only shrine!The Ryo Alliance, which is no longer active. Such a shame, as it was my favorite place to go to for info. Keeping the button in its honor.
*I shall not say anything dirty...*The RyoOsa (Ryo x Osamu) Club. These people are the ones who have turned me into a Ryoosa fan. Damn them, like I needed another pairing to be obsessed with. (shounen ai warning)
Osamuism, next best thing to UnitarianismEh... heh, I don't know if I translated the kanji right, but I do believe the rough translation of this should be "Osamuism" (or Cult of Osamu). Good enough for me. And man are there some yummy fan-art of him up there. This is the only Osamu shrine I know of. Period.
Well, I have to feed my Ryo obsession somehow...I used to be a minor Ryoken fan, but the fandom turned me off of it. Feel free to yell at me. Cute little doumei, pity there's not enough members on the list. And I do wish that most of the Ryoken stuff wasn't shota. Like I should talk.
There's nothing quite like a SD Ryo with SD Moon=Millenniumon in the backgroundAnother Ryoken site, this is headed by a doujinshi circle that actually publishes several Ryoken titles. They're also getting into Digimon Tamers lately. The ura page does have shota though, so be warned.
*GLOMP*Yet another doujinshi circle that publishes Ryoken stuff. And yes, a couple of their titles are very yaoi.
Could I resist snagging this banner? Of course not!First time I've ever seen Ryo paired up with Neo from the manga, or Taichi for that matter. Oh, and they're a doujinshi circle too.
This image does strange things ot me that few things do...Yes, that is Ryo's hand in the banner, and yes that is Ken's face. Seems to be gone.
I eagerly await the day I can order doujinshi from these people.Oooh, pretty art. Another doujinshi circle? But of course!
Why do I love this site so much? Ryo. In Handcuffs. With Osamu leaning over him and looking like he was going to do more than just play doctor. That's all I need to say.Unique, very neat art. Nice photos of Tamachi. And yes, it is another doujinshi circle. Gone...
Yes, it's ryoruki...The Akihime doumei, or ryoruki if you will.

English & Other Languages links - (it sucks that there are so few Ryo or Osamu sites)

yay videogames! *holds up Wonderswan, Link-style*Necro C's Digimon videogame site.
Holy crap it's an actually decent ryoruki site! Ryoruki site, heavily reliant on frames/DHTML/possibly-java-but-I-can-never-tell though.
Blue and Purple, yet another ryoruki site. Just starting out though.
Of course I love Ryo!The first English Ryo shrine ever. Puppetmistress rocks. Gone...
I think I shall be a sick puppy and imagine that this is blood. except in black and white.A Jogress coupling site, which has conceivably the only Ryoken section in English-speaking fandom. Major kudos right there.
Even better than ryokenYeah, that other site I did. Except Meimi manages it and I putter around looking like I actually do more than the graphics. (shounen ai & yaoi warning)
The only other character I just can't resist whose name isn't Osamu, Ryo, or KenWhere I got the Ryo icons from

Holy shit, it's AKIRA!Despite the banner, this link goes to the hub for Blackthornhiei's collection of sites. Fic, art, AND an Akira shrine!

(Just a note to those who want me to link to them: I will no longer accept suggestions to link to places that are blatantly homophobic. I will link to a page that focuses on het pairings so long as homosexual pairings are not bashed or disallowed.)

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